A Tease From My First Book “A Beautiful Liar” Would be Much Better if it were being read TO you ;)

Then there were Maggie’s jobs. Ah yes,
Maggie’s jobs. Maggie had worked at least a hundred
jobs in her lifetime: a Show Reservationist at Cesar’s in
Lake Tahoe; a deli worker in Vancouver, Washington; a
collection representative for American Express in
Greensboro, North Carolina; a title clerk at a Budget Car
Sales in Amarillo, Texas. She’d done it all and lived all
over the United States.
Sometimes Maggie wondered if she was part
Maggie currently held the title of Freelance
Contractor. Maggie had been working as a contractor for
three years and she loved the freedom of being her own
boss. She got to work the hours she wanted to on the
projects she wanted from the comfort of her own home.
She got to do interesting projects like research business
contacts or host a Christian dating website. She loved the
freedom to pick and choose. She could go for a smoke
when she wanted. She could get dressed when she
wanted, or not get dressed if she didn’t want. She could
schedule appointments when she wanted. She could

sleep late if she wanted, or stay up all night if she
wanted. It was her life so she played it by her rules. She
loved it. What she didn’t like was the isolation.
Sometimes she felt like she was in her own little
world, completely and utterly alone. If it weren’t for
social networking, she probably would be. She only had
one site in particular that she liked to goof off on. It was
a place where all of her family and friends had accounts
and she could see what their “status” was without calling
or texting, as she hated to “text.” It was so impersonal.
As if the computer were more personal — it really
wasn’t. It was, however, a way to reach out, to keep in
touch and to let them know that she was there if they
wanted to chat. It was a way to talk to her son while he
was on deployment with the Marines, to talk to her
family on the West Coast. It was a way to talk to the
“friends” she’d never met and to flirt with countless men
who found her charming and beautiful, or so they said.
Playing around online only took up a small part
of Maggie’s day. She would check friends status updates,
play games with friends and family and deny the random
request from strange men who wanted to befriend her. A
current picture, and all of a sudden every guy on the
planet wanted to be her friend. They were married,
engaged and single. They were tall, short, fat, thin,
long haired and bald. They came in every shape, size and
Every once in a while she would go to the
profile and actually read it, but she never accepted the
friend request because she had all but given up on men.
They all basically sucked. She knew that. She should
know that with all the trouble and heartbreak they had
caused her over the years.
She would go to the local bar once in a while,
even though she didn’t drink, and play pool until a man
would come over and invite her to shoot a game with
him. Then she’d make up some lame ass excuse like she
was “just leaving” and bolt.
Yes, she was just plain bad with men. It was like
she had become afraid of her own shadow. Sometimes
when she would look in the mirror she wouldn’t even
recognize the woman looking back. She used to be so

confident, so proud, and so fierce. She had been so
beaten down over the years she was a shadow of the
woman she used to be twenty-five years ago.
One day while checking a social media site she ran
across a friend request from a strikingly handsome
younger man. She couldn’t help look at the picture and
wonder why on earth this beautiful creature would want
to befriend her.
The first thing that popped into her mind was
“SCAM.” One thing that working for the Christian
dating site had taught her was how to spot a scam artist.
She had become so jaded by men and the Internet that
she couldn’t help it. She clicked on the request and went
to his profile page.
Strike one was his profile picture. He was so
perfect-looking that his picture had to have come straight
out of a magazine. Strike two was the accompanying
A couple poses on the beach — nice, she thought.
More photo shoot pictures. He was a beauty. Tall
and lean, looked to be right around six foot with a slight
muscular build. He had collar-length, sandy blonde hair.
He had a slight smile on his chiseled face. He had
perfect skin that was lightly tanned. He was just how
she’d order if she were ordering a man. Yes sir, just like
she’d order.
But there was something about it that pissed her
off, so she went to the biography. She read the words this
beautiful liar wrote. They were the usual. My name is
Steve. (yeah, right) I live in Atlanta, Georgia (yeah,
right). I am forty two years old (yeah, right), and so on
and so on.
The more she read, the madder she got. Who did
this guy think he was? Better yet, why did the stupid
women who had befriended this fuck not know that he
was a fraud? He was a complete fake. How could they
fall for one word of bullshit that this guy was feeding
She was really hot now. Now it was time to
teach this jerk a lesson. She promptly denied his friend
request. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he would
be requesting her friendship again, and it wasn’t.

It only took a couple of hours. The second time
she sent him a message and it read something like, “Hi
Steve, My name is Maggie. I am a real person, with real
feelings. If you want to be my friend, please read my
profile and let me know that you’d still like to get to
know me. Thanks, Maggie.”
She knew it wouldn’t be long before he
responded. She was right: it was all of ten minutes when
“Steve” responded with something cute along the lines
of, “Of course you are a real person and a beautiful one
at that. My name is Steve and I’d love to by your
Maggie was pissed now. The game was on. This
fucker had picked the wrong bitch to befriend.
So it started. Maggie didn’t know it at the time
but something about this man, whoever he was, was
going to touch her in places that she never knew existed.
Places in her heart, mind, body and soul. Something in
her was going to awaken that she had not felt in years, if
ever. She was going to have feelings that she did not
know how to handle. She was going to be driven to the
edge of madness and back. She was going to be taken to
the edge of ecstasy and left there. She was going to be
pulled in every direction imaginable and love it. She was
going to be the puppet in this game she was creating; she
just didn’t know it yet. She was going to be the fool, and
she had worked hard over the last couple of years at not
being anyone’s fool. Yet here she was setting herself up
to be the ultimate fool. She couldn’t see it for the fury
that this beautiful liar had set something free in her. He
had lit fire to her soul.
Maggie was a very charming woman. She got
that from her daddy. Her father may have been an
asshole, but he was a very handsome and charming man.
He was a long haul truck driver that, unbeknownst to
Maggie’s mother, had a woman in every city. He was a
cheat, a very good cheat. Either that or Maggie’s mother
was a complete idiot.
Maggie’s mother loved Maggie’s father until the
day she died. She was never with another man even after
they divorced; He was like a bad drug that Maggie’s
mother couldn’t quit. She never got over him. Even after

he remarried, he would come back to Maggie’s mother’s
bed and she’d have him. This went on for years, until she
ended up detesting him. She finally got tired of it and
banished him, as hard as it was for her. She was tired of
his lies. He was a very skilled liar, and Maggie’s mother
always believed him. That’s where Maggie learned the
art of lying from. Maggie learned to be a great liar. Even
as a child, she was a good liar. She grew up with an
expert liar and learned well. She was always in trouble
for lying. She lied at home, she lied at school, she lied to
her parents, her teachers, her boyfriends, her bosses. She
was always lying. It took until well into her thirties to
learn that lying got you nowhere but into trouble.
In her thirties was when she lost her father. She
lost both of her parents in a three-year period. That
taught her a lot. It taught her a lot about life and the way
you live it. It taught her that life was short and fragile,
that you should live it honestly and with integrity. It
taught her to try and make the world a better place to be.
That is when Maggie changed everything about herself
and the way she lived her life. She forgave everyone
who had ever done her wrong. Her grandmother,
grandfather, ex’s, everyone.
She felt bad that she had spent so much time
lying and deceiving people. Now, “Steve” was someone
reminding her of what she used to be. She didn’t like
that at all. She felt compelled to teach this beautiful liar
her life’s lesson. She felt it was her responsibility to
reform him, to show him the destruction that his
deception could cause. To show him the damage he
could inflict. She had to do it.
Maggie knew how to use her charms. She didn’t
necessarily get what she wanted from her charm in the
end, but she did usually get what she wanted in the
beginning. That would be enough for her. If she could
just make a small difference, she would feel better. She
just knew she would.
So the lesson began.
She sent Steve an email. They emailed back and
forth, chatted on an instant messenger service and she
listened as he lied about where he lived. She listened as
he lied about what he did for a living, about what he did

for fun, about his family, about his childhood, about
losing his cell phone and waiting on the police report so
he could get the same phone number. He lied about
everything. It made her sick, it made her sad, it made her
even madder.
She made sure that she told the truth about
everything. She told him about her childhood, her kids,
her job, everything. She told this beautiful liar
everything. She had nothing to hide. She had no reason
to lie. She knew it was just a game. She knew he would
never be able to touch her. She knew he would never be
able to hurt her. She knew she had all the control, all the
She also knew she could prove what she needed
to about him. She pinged his IP address and found that it
was coming from Kuwait. She knew it! He was a
beautiful, skilled liar. The lies were piling up in her head,
gathering there, and making her fury grow. His lies made
her madder by the minute.
Then it happened, just like she knew it would.
Scammers always want something. They prey on weak,
unsuspecting, vulnerable people. They want money most
of the time. They spend their time in Internet café’s
bilking people out of their hard-earned money with
promises of love and romance in faraway places.
God, Maggie thought, how could people believe
such shit?
This one was different. He wanted something
much different. He wanted to “chat” on the video
Oh yeah, she thought. There it is.
That’s what he wanted. He wanted online sex,
something millions of people did every day. Something
that Maggie had read a lot about and seen stories about
on TV a million times but had never even considered.
The closest she’d ever even gotten to online video chat
was saying hello to her eldest son on video while he was
stationed in Japan during his deployment with the
This was just too good. She was sick with
something at just the thought. Was it disgust? Was it
fear? Was it excitement? She didn’t know, but she was

about to find out. She just didn’t know exactly what she
would be finding out or how soon she’d be finding out.
She thought to herself, You started it. He’s going
to know that something’s up if you don’t go a long with
So she did. She fired up her laptop and sent him
a webcam request. He immediately accepted. He was
looking at her. She could see herself and knew that he
was watching her. She could not see him, but he could
see her. He could see into her room, into her house, into
her eyes, into her very being. It was almost intoxicating.
He told her how beautiful she was.
Maggie blushed.
He told her she was an “angel“. He told her she
was “so magnificent.“
She had never heard such beautiful lies. She
always thought of herself as average. She was nothing
special. Now here was a man telling her that “he had
never seen a woman so beautiful and that God had surely
sent her just for him.“
Careful, girl, she thought. He’s a skilled liar and
you know it.
She told herself, Seriously, look at you.
The words kept repeating in her head. She
wondered why he wasn’t on camera. He said that his
laptop was in the shop. Ah ha! The best lie yet! She
wanted to end the chat right then and there, yet she
didn’t. Why she didn’t, she didn’t know. She left the cam
running and continued to talk to him. He initiated the
voice chat. That’s when she heard his voice for the first
time. It was dark, mysterious, sweet, kind, and soothing.
For a beautiful liar he sure had that going for him, and
his words, they were good, my God, they were good. He
said things to her that she never thought she would hear
any man say to her.
He was so smooth, so sweet. It was hard for her
to believe that someone would intentionally say such
mean, cruel, deceitful, kind, wonderful, beautiful things.
He said that he could see from the pictures that she had a
beautiful family, which she did. He said that she must
love them completely, which she did. He said that she
was a wonderful, caring person, which she was. He said

that she didn’t deserve to be mistreated, which she didn’t.

What was wrong with this guy? She was so
fucking mad that she wanted to scream at him, “Hey
asshole guess what? I’ve been playing you all night! You
are a fucking moron and I know it. I’m going to tell
everyone on your friends list that you are a fraud, and
you’re going to have to take down your profile you fuck
head! How nice, sweet and kind do you think I am
now?” but she didn’t.
She sat there, sucked in, listened to him purr his
words of honey, sickeningly sweet, smooth as glass,
sharp as razors. When she finally snapped out of it she
realized she had her hands on her bare tits and he was
moaning in her ear. What had she just done? She had just
gotten a total stranger off on camera. She couldn’t
believe it. She was shocked, ashamed, mortified,
Amazingly, she was grateful, glad, free, spent.
She had awakened. She was alive and on fire. She was,
again, Maggie.
She smiled at him. He told her he’d be right
back, that he had to go clean up. She took the time he
was gone and got out her trusty vibrator. She slipped
onto her bed and listened to the words he had said to her
play over and over again in her head.
As she replayed his words in her head, Maggie
slid the huge pink member into her, stroking her clit at
each pass. Oh how his words turned her on! Oh how she
ached. Each word burned in her mind, beautiful, smart,
loving, kind, with each word, she‘d get closer to cumming.
With one more stroke, she came to the memory of the
sound of his moaning in her ears. Her chest heaving,
breaths coming in waves, she smiled.
This could be fun, she thought.
They talked for three hours that night.

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