New Short Story ~ A Woman Scorned

A Woman Scorned

By Leanna Harrow


Virginia was a beautiful southern belle. She was the epitome of class and elegance. She was fifty eight years old but didn’t look a day over forty five. Her silver hair was meticulously groomed and her delicate features made even young men stop and stare. Virginia was married to old money. His name was Harlan. Harlan was not so classy or elegant. He was more classless and Neanderthal like. He had once been a handsome, kind and sincere gentleman. I guess that’s what money, privilege and time do to a man.

Harlan had won Virginia’s hand when she was only twenty years old. She was a stunner then too and he had fierce competition. Virginia chose Harlan because he came from one of the wealthiest families in Atlanta. She knew that by marrying him, she’d be set for life. She could have never known that thirty eight years later, she’d wish his life was over.

Harlan and Virginia had a thirty two year old daughter named Lilly. Lilly was their pride and joy. Lilly was also Virginia’s best friend and confidant. One day over coffee, Virginia had a frank discussion with her only child.

“Lilly,” Virginia began. “You know that I love you more than life itself, right?” Virginia began.

“Yes mother. Why do you ask?” Lilly asked with a look of concern on her face.

“Because, I’m leaving your father,” Virginia stated in a matter of fact fashion. Lilly sat there shocked as Virginia continued. “ We’ve had problems for years as you well know and it’s either leave him or kill him and I’ve grown accustomed to my freedom” Virginia said smiling slyly at her daughter.

“What will you do for money mother? You know daddy will cut you off and fight you tooth and nail in a divorce.” Lilly told her.

“Oh I know that very well, but I have a plan” Virginia said.

“Please, do tell mother” Lilly replied leaning in closer.

“Its better you know nothing about my plans sweetheart,” Virginia began. “Besides, I have enough money squirreled away to live on for quite some time” Virginia finished with yet another sly smile on her face. Lilly set her cup on the table and leaned back in her chair.

“I have a feeling that this is going to be good mother and that in the end, you are going to be just fine” Lilly said with her own sly smile crossing her lips.

“Oh, I will be” Virginia said taking another sip of the steaming hot liquid, smiling all the while.


That night over dinner, Virginia decided it was time to broach a subject that she and Harlan had discussed previously in their marriage but never followed through on. She had everything else ready as far as her plan was concerned so this would be the last piece of the puzzle.

“Harlan darling,” she began. “I did some shopping today. I picked up some things that I think will amuse you” she finished as their housekeeper cleared the dishes and made room on the table for their customary after dinner coffee and dessert.

“Hmm, sounds intriguing” Harlan said not even looking up at Virginia who was finding it hard to conceal the smile that was now turning wicked.

“I think you’ll find it more than intriguing my dear. I’d like you to meet me in the master bedroom at precisely nine o’clock, stark naked and pumped full of Viagra” Virginia told him. “That is, if you don’t mind” she said smiling sweetly at him now that he was looking her dead in the eye.

“ You’ve got a date” he said, eyebrows raised. The fact that he agreed made her very happy even thought the thought of sex with him turned her stomach. They finished their desert and coffee in silence even though Harlan had tried to ask her questions about their planned rendezvous. Virginia stopped him every time he opened him mouth by telling him that he’d just have to be a “good boy” and wait.

She also told him that he “ wouldn’t be disappointed”. Harlan finally stopped asking questions and left the table when he finished his pie. Virginia shuddered when she thought of him going to the master bathroom and taking that healthy dose of Viagra. She shook off the image, as vile as it was to her. She was going to do whatever she had to. She would finally be free of the fat, balding asshole once and for all in less than six hours. She could hardly wait.


At eight thirty sharp Virginia took the bag of goodies she would need for the evening and headed to the master bathroom. She methodically dressed in the red leather bustier, black crotch less fishnet stockings, black masquerade mask and four inch black stiletto heels. She freshened up her makeup and waited for Harlan. She heard the master bedroom door close. She called out to him.

“You recall I said “stark naked” darling” she said to him.

“I do and I am” he replied.

“Good, lie down on your back in the middle of the bed, close your eyes and no peeking” she told him from the bathroom. Harlan jumped into the middle of their king sized wrought iron bed, made himself comfortable and closed his eyes. Virginia opened the bathroom door and peeked around it to make sure that he had his eyes closed as she had instructed. He did. She walked to the edge of the bed carrying her bag of props. She reached into the bag and took out a silk scarf. She bent down to where she was mere inches from Harlan’s face.

“Remember when we were young darling,” she cooed as she tied the blindfold around his eyes glancing down at the massive hard on he could no long help but display. “We wanted to do so many kinky things but there was always something in the way, your work, Lilly, social engagements. Well darling,” she purred. “There is nothing stopping us now” she finished. She reached into the bag and took out two pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs.

She walked over to the bed and snapped a pair of the cuffs on to his right hand and fastened it to the bed. She walked around to the other side of the bed and secured the other hand in the same fashion. She then went back to the bag and took out two fourteen foot long pieces of silk binding sashes. She quickly went to work tying his legs as far apart as they’d go to the bottom posts of the bed. Virginia went back to the bag to remove the last few props. She laid them out on the dresser. All the while, Harlan moaned softly and Virginia was sure it was because he couldn’t reach his aching dick.


Virginia decided it was time to remove Harlan’s blindfold and get the party started. She walked over to the bed and removed the silky darkness that he had been submerged in. Harlan blinked several times as his eyes adjusted to the light.

“My God Virginia, you look amazing” he told her.

“Thank you darling,” she said as she walked over to the dresser. “I’m glad you like it” she continued with a wicked smile crossing her lips as she picked up the next prop. “We’re going to play some games my dear and with these games are some rules,” she began. “The first rule is that I am in charge tonight.” she said as she picked up the ball gag from the dresser and walked over to the bed. Harlan’s eyes lit up as a smile crossed his face, his cock still at full attention. “The second rule is that you be a good boy and lift your head so I can put this on you” Virginia said as she undid the strap to the ball gag.

Harlan did just as she said and Virginia placed the gag in his mouth and tightened the strap around his head. She made sure she got it good and tight. She was sure that Harlan was trying to tell her that it was too tight but she really didn’t care. She had other things on her mind. Virginia walked over to the dresser and picked up the leather tipped riding crop that she had purchased. She walked back over to the bed slapping it against her palm.

“You know Harlan, you have been a very, very bad man,” she said as she used the tip of the crop to trace up his calf, to his thigh and then to his bulging hard on. “A very bad man indeed” she said as she whacked him across the belly. Harlan let out a muffled cry from behind the ball gag.

“For thirty eight years I have put up with the humiliation of your indiscretions, your drunken advances and your dalliances with secretaries and barroom whores,” she said as she hit him with the crop in various places, dangerously close to his manhood.

“Well, no more Harlan, no more. This is where it ends. Tonight, I get even” she told him as she went to the dresser and picked up a three tier studded butt plug. She turned and looked at Harlan; his eyes were wide with horror. She went back to the bed and threw down the riding crop.

“Oh don’t worry darling, I’ll lube it up real good for you” she purred. Virginia grabbed the tube of lubricant and squeezed some into the palm of her hand. She proceeded to lube the butt plug up just as she had promised. She got onto the bed as Harlan began to try and thrash about. Virginia almost laughed. She had made use of all twenty eight feet of that silk binding, he wasn’t going anywhere!

She kept thinking of all the times he had humiliated her. She thought of all the times her friends had told her stories of how they’d seen him in a neighboring town with another woman. The time she herself had seen him leaving a hotel with a strange woman. She knew about his gambling addiction. She knew about the “business trips” that were not business at all. She knew about him visiting prostitutes. Yes, the knowledge of those things was what fueled her tonight.

She smiled at her husband and slowly, methodically inserted the butt plug until it was all the way in, to the third tier. She smiled knowing that without that ball gag, his screams would have echoed throughout the house and out onto the grounds of the estate.


There was a light knocking on the door. Virginia smiled at Harlan. She knew that when she opened that door, the look in his eyes was going to be priceless, she could hardly wait.

“Don’t worry darling; I gave the help the night off “ she said with an almost sinister smile on her lips. ”That will be my Wednesday Garden party” she told her husband. Virginia went to the door of the master bedroom and opened it. A young man stood there.

He was a six foot two, light skinned African American man, built like Adonis and looked every day of twenty five. The beautiful creature slipped his arm around Virginia’s waist, pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Virginia turned and faced Harlan, his face was beet red. She knew that he had a certain disdain for “coloreds” as he called him and she had a certain disdain for racism. This bit of knowledge made her smile grow that much wider. That was not the reason that she had picked this particular young man. No, she picked this young man because he was beautiful, kind, intelligent and hung like a horse!

“Harlan, I’d like you to meet Marcus. Markus, my husband Harlan,” she said waving her hand towards her husband as she walked over to the dresser. “You see darling. On Wednesday’s when I go to my ‘Garden Party’ I meet up with Marcus and well, let’s just say, he tends my garden very well” she finished as she ran her hand down Marcus’ chest and to his stiffening cock. Harlan started to fight against the restraints again. Virginia laughed out loud this time and proceeded to undress Marcus while Harlan watched with what Virginia could only describe as a look of shock on his face.

When Virginia had Marcus naked, she stroked his huge cock and looked directly at Harlan.

“ You’ve had this coming for a long time my darling,” she purred. “When I’m finished with you, you will have one of two choices. You will either sign the divorce papers I have had drawn up giving me half of everything or, you will be left here, like this for the girls to find in the morning when they come over for bridge. I will leave them a note telling them that I have had to go to Lilly and that you have taken ill. I‘ll ask that one of them look in on you of course,” she continued.

“It’s really very simple darling. You have embarrassed me for thirty eight years. This is the final humiliation and it’s not going to be at my expense this time” she finished as she walked over from the dresser carrying a slim black dildo. Harlan’s eyes grew even wider as she got up onto the bed, followed by Marcus. Virginia took her place, on her knees between Harlan’s legs and Marcus took his place behind Virginia. Marcus kissed Virginia’s neck as he ran his hands up the red leather bustier. A soft moan escaped her lips. Harlan started thrashing again. Virginia picked up the riding crop that was lying next to him on the bed and smacked him hard on the thigh.

“Shut up and watch” she demanded. Harlan sank back into the bed realizing he had no control over the situation. Marcus ran his large, soft hands up to Virginia’s tits and squeezed them making her moan again. Virginia picked up the dildo and put it to her lips. She licked the sides of it with a smile on her face never breaking eye contact with Harlan. She went down on all fours giving Marcus access to her wet and waiting pussy. She propped herself up on one arm as Marcus guided his huge throbbing cock into her. He slid his long magnificent cock in and out of her with skill and ease, every other stroke making her cum.She reached up and removed the butt plug from Harlan. A whimper escaped him.

‘Trust me darling, you’ll enjoy it, I know I do” she hissed at him as Marcus picked up his pace. Virginia slowly inserted the long, black member into Harlan’s ass. He sucked in his breath as it passed by the rim. He kept very still as Virginia was sure he knew fighting her would only make it worse for him. She passed the point of no return and started stroking him with it. She kept time on Harlan with the rhythm of the fucking she was receiving.

Marcus performed magic on her as he continued making her cum with every other stroke. He stroked her long and slow. Virginia, in turn, stroked Harlan long and slow. When Marcus would pick up his pace, so would Virginia hitting Harlan‘s prostate with every blow. She could see that as repulsed as Harlan acted when he saw what was going to transpire, that huge hard on he had, wasn’t going anywhere. Marcus continued to fuck Virginia like there was no tomorrow. Virginia continued to do the same to Harlan.

All of a sudden, Harlan’s ass tightened around the dildo and he blew. He spewed cum everywhere. This caught Virginia by surprise and Marcus slowed his strokes. Virginia abandoned the dildo, raised up on all fours and moved back onto Marcus.

“Fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before baby” she looked back and cooed to him. Marcus happily obliged her and pumped her hard and fast. Virginia took every inch of him and came so hard she nearly fell onto her bound husband. She promptly turned around on the bed, swung her legs over the edge and took Marcus’ cock into her mouth. She sucked him hungrily. She sucked him hard and fast as she knew he was ready to cum as well. Marcus grabbed both sides of Virginia’s head and let her have it. Virginia took every drop of him and then licked him clean. Virginia got up off of the bed. Marcus dressed, kissed Virginia one last time and left, never having said a word. Virginia looked at Harlan who was lying there, naked, gagged and spent.


“Well now darling,” she began. “We only have one little piece of business left to tend to. You can sign the divorce papers and I’ll release you and leave or, you can refuse and be found here, like this, tomorrow. I did forget to mention that in the note I will tell the girls that I left this morning and when they find you, they will assume all of this” she said motioning to the bed “was at the hands of one of your little pop tarts that you think no one knows about” she said picking up the riding crop again. “What do you say darling? Will you sign the papers and let me go?” she asked slapping the crop against her thigh.

“I have all night you know” she said with a wink. Harlan nodded his head in agreement. Virginia went to the dresser and picked up a clipboard containing the paperwork and the set of handcuff keys. She walked over and unfastened his right hand. He shook it to get the blood flowing to it again. He reached up to unfasten the ball gag. Virginia hit his hand with the riding crop. Harlan let out a muffled cry.

“If I wanted to hear anything out of you, I’d have removed that myself darling. Now, sign the fucking papers” she demanded. Harlan took the pen and signed where all of the little yellow tabs were.

“Now, I’m going to cuff you back to the bed but only until I’ve finish dressing and am ready to leave, I promise I will let you go then. I really don’t want to humiliate you any more than I already have. I have want I was after” she said as she cuffed him back to the bed. Virginia went into the bathroom and changed her clothes. She picked up all of her props and placed them back into the bag. She then went back over to the bed to free Harlan.

“This will remain between the three of us Harlan, as long as you don’t give me any problems,” she told him as she went to the dresser. She picked up a stuffed teddy bear from the dresser and unzipped the back of it. She took out a camera and showed it to Harlan.

“If you do decide to do something stupid, I’ll ruin you and probably send your mother to an early grave if we’re lucky” she said as she slipped the camera back into the bear and put the bear into the bag. She gathered the rest of her things, put them into the bag and set it at the foot of the bed. She held the last prop in her hand, the keys to the handcuffs.

“You aren’t going to cause any problems are you Harlan?” she asked. Harlan shook his head. For the first time in over thirty eight years, Virginia saw something in his eyes she had never seen before. Fear.

“Good boy,” she said as she went over and freed his left hand. “I’m going to release one of your hands now. You can get yourself free from the rest of your constraints as soon as I’m gone. Don’t try to contact me, I’ll consider that causing problems darling” she said smiling.

Virginia released his hand, threw the keys between his legs, grabbed her bag of props and walked out the door. As she pulled out of the driveway and watched the old Georgian estate get smaller in her rear view mirror a smile couldn’t help but cross her lips at the immense power she felt for the first time in her life.

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    Great reading as always….

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