Upcoming “PAT” (Poetry Author Tease) Reading Announcement

***Your Attention Please***
Leanna Harrow~Erotic Author and
Creator of Author Tease Readings is
Pleased to announce the first ever
PAT (Poetry Author Tease) Reading!
She will be reading passages from
“Shapes of Water” by Katherine Russell
Ms. Russell will be joining her in the
Hangout. This poetry chronicles the story
of a CF patient as she grows up and
comes to terms with having the illness.
Please join us on Google+ Thursday
November 8, 2012 at 8 pm EST
RSVP in advance as Hangout seating
Is limited. You can also catch the Hangout
live On Justin.tv. Create your Justin.tv
account now and Watch for further updates!
It will be a good Time for all! We look forward
to seeing you there! Please contact Leanna
if you have any questions! Make sure to check
out the website for scheduled upcoming readings!


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