Short Story~”Stat”


A Short Story

By Leanna Harrow


“Doctor, you’re needed in exam room one, Stat” the beautiful young Nurse said to the strikingly handsome Doctor Mark Robbins as she peeked into the exam room he was discharging a patient from.

“I’ll be right there,” he said as he promptly excused himself from the patient he was currently with. The tall, lean Doctor walked down the hallway with a sense of urgency. He reached exam room one and opened the door. The nurse looked at him from where she was perched on the edge of the exam table.

“This is not funny Cassandra” the doctor said sounding agitated.

“But Doctor Robbins, it really hurts” she said pouting. The Doctor walked to the side of the exam table and stood next to the raven haired beauty.

“Can you show me where it hurts Cassandra?” he asked her. Cassandra placed her right hand over her heart. She ran her hand down and over her right breast, pausing at her nipple. She twisted it from the outside of her uniform. She could see the rise in the Doctor’s khaki’s. Cassandra continued running her hand down and across her stomach to her pussy. She slowly rubbed her clit, again from the outside of her uniform.

“Hmmm,” Doctor Robbins said as he took out his stethoscope. “Lie back,” he said. She did as he instructed, he placed the end of the instrument between his fingers and slipped his hand under Cassandra’s smock.

“Take a deep breath” he commanded. Cassandra drew in her breath as he slid the stethoscope across her hardened nipple. His hand left the instrument and caressed her tit. A moan escaped her throat. She reached over and caressed his pulsating cock.

“Is it serious Doctor?” Cassandra asked.

“I’m afraid it is,” he told her. “I’m going to have to consult Dr. Graves if you don’t mind.” he said.

“I don’t mind at all” she purred as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed his colleague.

“Mike, it’s Mark, I need a consult on Nurse Kramer in exam room one, Stat,” he said into the receiver and then abruptly hung up. He turned his attention back to his current patient. He walked over to the cabinet and took out a hospital gown. “Put this on” he instructed.

He stood and watched as she unbuttoned her smock revealing her pink lace bra. Cassandra stepped down from the exam table and removed her uniform pants revealing matching pink lace panties. Doctor Robins let the hospital gown drop to the floor.

There was a knock on the door and Doctor Robbins opened it to let the equally handsome Doctor Graves in. Doctor Graves reached down and locked the exam room door behind him.

“Doctor Graves, nurse Kramer has the same problem she had a couple of weeks ago, I’m afraid it’s worsened and we’ll need to repeat the procedure we performed on her, this time, we’ll need to be a little more thorough” Doctor Robbins informed His concerned looking colleague.

“I concur,” Doctor Graves said as he began removing his clothes. “Cassandra, we know you’ve undergone the treatment we’re prescribing before, but we still have to ask, do you give us consent to treat?” he asked as he and his associate finished removing their clothes.

“Yes Doctor” Cassandra giggled hopping back up onto the exam table. Doctor Robbins walked over and took his place, standing behind Cassandra as Doctor Graves took his place standing in front of her. Cassandra had suffered from this ailment for a while and knew exactly what to expect from the treatment she was about to receive.

Doctor Graves removed Cassandra’s pretty pink lace panties. She got up onto her knees in the middle of the exam table and faced Doctor Graves. She kissed him as Doctor Robbins ran his hand down her spine and found her sweet spot with his fingers.

She was wet and waiting for his eager fingers as he slipped them inside of her, a moan escaped her and found its way onto Doctor Graves’s chest, where her lips happened to be at the moment. Cassandra sucked on and then bit the Doctor’s nipple just enough to make him moan as well. Doctor Robbins withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his tongue.

Cassandra came again with him just placing his wet, warm apparatus on her sweet spot. He began slowly, licking her in long, slow, deliberate strokes. He then proceeded to lick her hard and fast making her juices flow. In the meantime, Cassandra made her way down Doctor Grave’s belly until she came to his throbbing cock and took him into the wet warmth of her mouth.

She sucked him in slow and deep, licking the tip of his swollen member every time she came up on him. She was enjoying the tongue lashing and finger fucking she was getting but was ready for the huge cock she knew Dr. Robbins was packing. Cassandra stopped sucking on Doctor Graves for a moment.

“Doctor Robbins is it time for the first injection?” she asked almost begging.

“I do believe you’re right Cassandra” he replied as he slowly guided his throbbing hard cock into her. Cassandra sucked in her breath as he pulled her onto him. She eagerly went back to work on the rock hard cock of the first doctor as the other doctor drilled her hard and fast from behind. Cassandra slowed her pace on Dr. Graves’ massive hard on as she knew what was getting ready to happen.

“Doctor Graves,” Doctor Robbins said breathlessly. “I think we need to change the dosage” he recommended.

“I agree completely” Doctor Graves replied as he left the sweet depth of Cassandra’s mouth and made his way around the table to change sides with Doctor Robbins. Once they had switched places, Doctor Graves told Cassandra to lie down on her back across the table. She obeyed the Doctors orders.

Once Cassandra was on her back, Doctor Robbins placed his hands on the sides of her head and tilted it back so that he could slip his cock into it, knowing how wet and warm it was going to be. She eagerly took him in, licking his shaft as she took him in deep. As she sucked in Doctor Robins’ long hard cock, Doctor Graves slowly slid his hard cock against her clit making her cum again instantly. He grabbed her hips and concentrated on stroking her clit as the other good Doctor steadily fucked her mouth.

No longer able to resist, Doctor Graves slipped inside the sweet hot box of the patient they were feverishly, trying to cure. Cassandra’s moans were stifled by Doctor Robbins rock hard cock buried deep in her throat where her moans were stuck. As Doctor Robbins deep-throated her and Doctor Graves pounder her good, Cassandra couldn’t help but shudder and cum, harder than she ever had during a “treatment”. As she did, both good Doctor’s did the same and spewed in each of their respective, warm moist places.

Both doctors removed their instruments and helped their patient back into the upright position. The trio dressed as there were more pressing cases in the Emergency Room to tend to.

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