A Short Story~”You’re Late”

“You’re Late”

A Short Story

By Leanna Harrow



“You’re late” Rachel called out from the kitchen when she heard the front door close.

“I know,” her husband Brad said. “I left my car charger in my briefcase at the office or I would have called you on the way home” he replied.

“Was that an excuse I just heard?” Rachel asked as she walked into the foyer to meet her husband of six months. She greeted him wearing her black push up bra, black crotch less panties, thigh high stockings and four inch pumps. She was holding a three bead handled red whip.

“I guess it was, I’m sorry” he said trying not to smile as he knew what that would bring on.

“Sorry my ass” she said as she walked around him and whacked him across the back of the legs with the whip.

“Ouch” her husband cried out.

“Ouch my ass, I think you’re in need of another lesson my love. Respect in a marriage is very important. I work hard too and I don’t appreciate being made to wait. So, get your ass in the bedroom and strip. Now!” she ordered.

Brad immediately made his way to the bedroom. He stripped off his clothes and stood there waiting for his wife. He could not hide the raging hard on he now possessed knowing what she might have in store for him. Rachel made her husband wait as she went back into the kitchen to finish what she had been doing before he had gotten home. Brad stood quietly next to the bed as not to agitate his wife further. Rachel finally entered the bedroom ten minutes later, happy to see that her husband had obviously been thinking about what was to come.

“Against the wall” she ordered him.

“Yes darling” he said as he took his place backed against the wall as she had demanded. Rachel fastened the ankle cuffs they had suctioned to the wall around him with the all too familiar “clicks”. She then tied his hands above his heads with the silk sashes they had rigged up to his chin up bar that was hanging in the door way of the nearby bathroom.

She tied them good and tight this time. She was going to make sure he didn’t forget to call her and let he know he was running late next time, even if it meant stopping at a pay phone. Once he was secure, Rachel took the beaded end of the whip and placed it at Brad’s Adams apple. She used it to trace slowly down to his throbbing cock.

“Hard or easy darling?” she asked.

“Easy” he replied knowing that the answer was probably a mistake the moment the word had left his mouth. Rachel smiled up at him. She stepped in front of him, her face mere inches from his, smiling at him all the while. She leaned in and gently kissed his lips. She then kissed each of his cheeks as she made her way to the hollow of his neck. Her breath was hot and moist. She sucked on his skin, gently at first, then harder and harder until it almost hurt. She was going to leave her mark on him! Brad moaned as she released her grip on his neck and continued her journey south. She left a trail of kisses down his chest, to his belly as she finally came to his massively erect cock. She licked her lips as she looked up at him.

“You ready baby?” She asked.

“Yes baby, so ready” Brad croaked. Rachel stood up and smiled at him. She walked over to the nightstand, took out her vibrator and positioned herself on the bed as she noticed a frown cross Brad’s face.

“You need to be punished baby,” Rachel told him as she spread her legs showing him her glistening slit. She took her vibrator, switched it on and placed it on her sweet spot.

“You need to understand darling,” she began “that it takes time and preparation to race home from work, prepare dinner and have it ready for you when you come home. When you are late, it throws everything off schedule and you know how I like to stick to my schedules don’t you?” she asked as she ran the head of the giant toy up and down against her clit. Brad nodded his head, his gazed transfixed on the massive toy making his wife wetter and wetter.

“Good,” she said as she slipped her toy inside her aching pussy, making herself catch her breath as she came. Brad moaned.

“What baby?” she asked.

“I want to be your toy” he answered.

“Are you going to forget to call when you’re going to be late again?” she asked smiling at him.

“No, never” he promised.

“Good” she replied as she worked the giant member faster and faster making herself cum again. Brad started pulling at the silk bindings.

“Wait love” Rachel told him as she continued fucking herself even harder.

“It’s not fair babe, you’re going to make me cum if you’re not careful” he warned her.

“That’ll be too bad for you” she said breathlessly as she smiled at him. Seeing the tortured look on his face really turned her on. Rachel slid the vibrator out of her sopping wet pussy and laid it on the night stand. She got up off of the bed and went to her husband. She kissed him slowly, her mouth wet and eager. When her lips left him she smiled.

“I’ll be right back” she said as she walked across the room and out of the bedroom door. She heard his moan from the living room. Another smile crossed her lips. After another ten minutes she returned from the kitchen to release him from his shackles. She was holding a wooden kitchen spoon.

“I’m going to make sure you’ve learned your lesson” she said slapping the spoon against the palm of her hand. “Assume the position” she commanded. Her husband went to the bed and laid down on it, face up. Rachel straddled him at the neck. Brad moved his hands up to grab her tits. She reached back and smacked him on the thigh. A whimper escaped him.

“Did I tell you to touch me?” she asked. Brad shook his head.

“You know the rules. Don’t make me spank you again.” She warned. She inched herself up closer to Brads mouth. Brads hands went up again, this time to her hips. Rachel smacked him again with the spoon, this time on the hip.

“You’re asking for it” she told him as she positioned herself directly over his eager mouth. Brad laid the palms of his hands flat against the bed. Rachel sank her pussy down onto her husband’s mouth and gave him what he so obviously craved. Brad feverishly licked and sucked her as she rode his face. Rachel came again and Brad lapped up her juices. His hand instinctively went to his rock hard dick. Rachel abruptly rose up off of his face and moved over onto the bed next to her husband.

“Turn over” she demanded. Brad did as she instructed. Rachel delivered four powerful blows to his ass with the wooden spoon leaving two perfectly shaped red marks on each cheek, Brad new better than to make a sound; doing so would have surely brought on more blows.

“Turn over” she demanded again. Brad gladly did as she said; he knew she was finally going to put him out of his misery. Brad turned over onto his back, hard on waving in the air. Rachel straddled him at his belly.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for baby?” she asked. Afraid to answer her incorrectly, Brad just smiled at her. She smiled back as she slowly slid down and slipped his rock hard cock into her slick, soaked sweet spot. A moan escaped both of them at the same time. Rachel slowly came up off of Brad’s hard shaft to the tip of his cock and she slowly fucked just the top of his dick. After a few strokes, she would take all of him. She did this until she could sense he was close to cumming. She wanted to cum with him so she took him deep and rode him hard. Brad could feel it in his balls, he was getting ready to cum. Rachel was close as well and by the time that Brad got his rocks off, Rachel was in the midst of the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. She rode him until he was spent. Shaking and out of breath, she slipped him out of her and lay down beside him.

“Wow, I could really get used to you being late” she said with a laugh.

“So could I” her husband agreed with a smile still planted firmly on his face.



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10 responses to “A Short Story~”You’re Late”

    • Thank you MistressX
      Glad you stumbled upon me 😉
      I have also written books that are available on amazon.com under my Pen Name Leanna Harrow. My third, “Maggie’s Men” should be out in early November. I will continue posting short stories as long as the stories continue coming to my silly head 😉 Please feel free to share with your friends!

      • Wonderful, it’s good to see someone in the same genre making progress. I have no problem sharing 🙂 I’m also an erotica writer, working on my first novel, plan to include short erotic interludes in my blog. If you see something you like by all means- share it! I’m just now working on building my audience, a bit new at this but seems to be going okay. Hopefully it will grow over time. In the meantime, off to write! -Mistress X

      • It takes a lot of time and diligence as far as marketing goes sweetie…you are not only marketing your work, you are marketing yourself…if you’d like some tips…feel free to email me at leannaharrow@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to share some ideas with you! When you get some excerpts posted, let me know, I can promote for you….maybe help get them noticed! Good luck! L

  1. Thank you Mam, It was really very interesting story,pls keep trying to write stories.

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