A Short Story~The Belt

The Belt
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

She heard the car door. She nervously looked around to make sure that everything was in its place. She went into the kitchen and got the remaining courses and put them on the table as she heard the front door open.
He came in, placed his briefcase on the table next to the door and walked into the kitchen. She greeted him with a smile and a glass of wine. He took the wine from her, went to the dining room table and took his seat.
She busily served his plate as she always did, making sure he had anything he needed, pouring him a glass of ice water to accompany his meal and then serving herself. Only then did she sit down and enjoy the meal she had prepared. They ate in silence as they did every evening. She didn’t ask about his day and he didn’t tell her about it. He didn’t ask her about her day and she didn’t tell him about it. It had been that way for years.
She looked around the beautiful house that he provided for her and its beautiful “things”. She was satisfied for the most part. She knew she could do far worse. She was thankful that they’d come to the understanding they had years ago, when the communication had broke down and they decided to stay together.
When dinner was finished and he had retired to the living room to watch the game or surf the web, she cleaned the kitchen, finished her chores from the day and prepared for her nightly ritual.
She looked forward to her nightly ritual all day, everyday as she knew what it would bring her. She retired to the master bedroom and got out the assorted goodies she’d need.
She turned on the shower and let it get as hot as her skin could stand. She stood there under the water and let it melt away the feelings of isolation and loneliness she felt as she did every night.
She grabbed her favorite honeysuckle shampoo and washed her long, auburn hair. While she conditioned her hair, she used the matching body wash to soap up her shapely body. She shaved her underarms, long legs and soft supple mound. He liked her soft and silky. She rinsed herself off, rinsing any displeasure and discontent down the drain along with the bubbles from the body wash.
She then stepped out of the shower and slowly toweled herself off. After dried herself, she sprayed herself with her honeysuckle body mist and slipped on the pink camisole her husband loved so much. She didn’t waste putting panties on as they only aggravated him. She applied moisturizer to her arms, shoulders, legs and finally her feet.
She went into the bedroom and got out her box of nail polishes. She knew she had a couple of hours and that he liked her toenails freshly painted. She also knew that she had to be meticulous with them or he would redo them and she would not like the consequences.
When she finished her nails, she grabbed the book she’d been reading off of the night stand and began the waiting game. It was hard to concentrate on the book for thinking of what was to come. She was almost giddy with anticipation when the bedroom door opened and her husband walked in and over to the bed.
He removed his belt and threw it onto the bed. That alone made her wet. He then removed his pants and shirt, throwing them onto the floor. Still clad in his boxers, he grabbed the belt and threaded the end through the buckle. This made her heart beat faster. She could feel herself get even wetter but knew not to show any hint of excitement. She pretended to continue reading her book.
He slipped the belt around her ankles and pulled it tight. She closed her eyes. The feel of the leather and the cold metal against her flesh left her no choice but to stifle a moan. He pulled the belt and her with it to where her legs were resting on his chest. She knew that he would now begin inspecting her paint job.
He had the strap to the belt in one hand the used the other to trace the soles of her feet as he looked at the job she did painting her toe nails. If she had not done a good enough job, things would have ended right then.
He caressed them slowly, softly and deliberately. He knew how this drove her mad with desire. He used his thumb to rub the sole of her left foot as he lifted the belt and guided her toes into his mouth. One at a time, he licked them, sucked them and bit the tips of each one.
She had no choice but to lay there and take it. If she so much as showed any pleasure, it would be over with. She had learned that the hard way so she laid there and took it. He licked down the sole of her foot as he rubbed it. It was heavenly, it was erotic and it was making her cum. She was having trouble controlling her climax as he was skilled when it came to her feet.
He then turned his attention to her right foot and made her cum again. He breathed in the scent of honeysuckle and fresh nail polish. His cock at full attention at this point. He let go of the belt and took both feet by her heels and took turns liking the soles of her feet. The feeling of his warm, wet tongue on her feet made her mind go numb.
He loosened the belt a little and bent her knees to where he could lay the soles of her feet together around his cock. He proceeded to give himself a foot job with her soft, sweet smelling feet. It felt as good to her as it did to him. He was so hard and throbbing between her feet. She seized the chance to use her toes to stroke the shaft of his cock. He moaned in delight and suddenly stopped.
He took the belt off and threw it on the bed. She knew what was coming and quickly snapped back into reality. He separated her legs and licked the insides of her feet and around to her heels. He bit each of her heels just enough to make her wince. She loved that part.
He used that talented tongue of his and made his way up the inside of each of her legs. She could hardly control the shaking that he was causing but knew that she had no choice but to control it. She didn’t want to do anything to bring an end to this exquisite agony.
He reached her warm, moist mound. He looked up into her big blue eyes. They must have looked to be pleading with him as he bypassed her pussy and made his way to her tits. He lifted her camisole up and sucked on each one, slow and hard. When he had them standing at attention like he liked, he left her tits and licked his way up to her ear.
“Turn over and get on your knees” he breathed into her ear. He then bit her on the shoulder making her wince yet again but cum again none the less.
She did exactly as he instructed without a word. He grabbed the belt, made the hole bigger and slipped it around her neck. She wanted to reach up and touch the leather, feel it under her fingertips and touch the buckle but she knew better. She’d have to settle for knowing it was there, knowing it would tighten and breathing in the intoxicating scent of leather. Those thoughts alone made her cum again.
He positioned the belt to where the buckle was at the back of her neck where he could apply and loosen the pressure on it at his whim. He pulled on the belt and his wife’s head came back as did her body. She couldn’t see it of course, but he smiled. He couldn’t see it but so did she.
Slowly, he pressed the tip of his cock against her already slick clit. He loved how she was always wet and ready for him. He was really going to make her wet tonight. He entered her a little further and pulled the belt a little tighter. She tightened around the tip of his cock.
He pulled out and rested against her clit. He loosened his grip on the belt. She was thankful he had as she thought she might go out early from the anticipation. He then stoked her clit with the head of his dick until she shuddered and came. That was all it took for him.
He pulled the belt tight and sank himself deep inside her. She felt an explosion in her head. She felt a warm gush between her legs as her husband fucked her hard. She was sure the belt was too tight. He pounded her deep, he fucked her hard. She came again. She was sure she was going out. She wanted one more orgasm desperately. He slowed, he was going to cum and she was going to pass out.
As her husband got off, one last body rocking spasm gripped her and she shook as her vision started to fade. Just as the tunnel faded to black, the world was bright again and her husband was removing the belt from around her neck. She was face down on the pillow and her ears were ringing. A smile crept across her lips as she knew he’d never see it.
When her husband had finished in the bathroom and was comfortably settled in for the night, she lay there thinking that if she could just find someone that could do what he had just done to her body, to her mind, she fucking leave in a heart beat.


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