A Short Story….All’s Fair

All’s Fair
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

Sam was a writer. Her creative mind was making her crazy with story ideas, research topics and a million other tedious tasks. She decided she needed to get out of the house, get away and have a little fun. She grabbed her pool cue and headed to the local bar. She hadn’t been out in a long time so she decided shooting a few games of pool was in order. When she got to the pool hall she ordered her customary glass of iced tea, lined up a few songs on the jukebox and set out to rack up the balls.
It wasn’t long before she noticed a nice-looking man playing on the table next to her. He was of average height with a muscular build. He was clean cut with short hair and a nice array of colorful tattoos on what she could see of his arms. She was oddly attracted.
When she had finished her first game, the handsome stranger came over and introduced himself.
“Hi, I’m Steve would you like to shoot a game or two with me?” He asked with a big, brilliant smile on his face. Samantha had always been leery of men in bars so she wasn’t quite sure what to make of him. She looked over at the table where his drink and belongings sat. His tall glass was filled with a clear liquid which looked to be either water or a soft drink of some sort. To her, that was a good indication that he wasn’t a big drinker as she wasn’t fond of men who drank.
“Hi Steve, I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam. It’s nice to meet you and I’d love to play with you” she said smiling slyly back at him. There was something about him that she was instantly attracted to. She didn’t know if it was his big brilliant smile, his warm, soft deep brown eyes or is nicely toned physique but there was definitely something there.
They played a few games of pool, got to know each other a bit and laughed each time Steve would knock in the eight ball on “accident“. Steve watched intently, as Sam would lean over the table to make her shot, trying not to let her notice that he was appreciating the view. She had a better rack than the one she served up on the pool table.
He would watch her even more closely when she’d come around the other side of the table, bend over it and make another shot. Her long legs positioned just so, her torso lying across the table and her huge tits gently caressing the felt. He had to literally concentrate on not getting hard while watching her. The fact that she’d do little things like touch his hand when they talked, put her arm around his shoulder to console him after he’d lose a game or run her fingers down his arm lightly when she asked about a tattoo wasn’t making it easy for him not to bend her over the table and fuck her right there. After about five games he’d had about all he could take.
“You want to get out of here?” He asked with that big, brilliant smile of his.

Samantha knew exactly what he was thinking because she had been thinking the same thing for about an hour.
“I thought you’d never ask” she said winking at him. As they got into the parking lot, he grabbed her hand, pulled her close and kissed her. He had the softest, sweetest lips she’d ever tasted. She eagerly returned his kiss, her warm wet tongue tracing the inside of his mouth. The faint hint of the gum he had been chewing lingered on his breath.
“Where are you parked?” He asked.
“Right over there” she said pointing towards her car.
“That’s my truck right there, follow me” he instructed. They got into their vehicles and were off. Ten minutes later they were at Steve’s condo. He opened the door and showed her in. Sam looked around and was amazed at how tidy it was for a bachelor who worked all the time. He gave her a quick tour and offered her something to drink. She settled on a bottle of water and a spot on the couch. Steve sat down next to her. They continued talking, laughing and enjoying themselves.
Steve was getting ready to “put the moves” on Sam when she did it for him. She straddled him on the couch, took his face in her hands and looked deep into his eyes.
“Don’t say a word, just follow my lead” she said a slight smile crossing her lips. She leaned in, mere millimeters from his lips, and could taste his breath. She kissed one cheek, then the other and he groaned. She smiled again as she dragged her lips from his cheek to his ear where she gently traced down it with her tongue. Another groan escaped him at this point. Her breath was hot and her tongue wet on his skin. Her lips made a trail from his ear, down his neck, around his throat and up to his lips where his eager mouth claimed hers again.
He seized her by the waist, pulled her up and off of him and laid her back onto the couch. He lifted her shirt up over her head, tossed it onto the floor and ran his hands down her body. He was a carpenter so his hands were rough; the coarseness of them left a trail of goose bumps all over her skin.
He came back up to her face, this time he, was mere millimeters from her face. He claimed her lips in a fierce, hot and passionate kiss. His tongue explored every inch of her mouth and her tongue returned the favor. With her face in his hands he left her lips and made his way slowly down her neck to her exposed cleavage. As his lips moved down her body, so did his hands.
Her skin felt as if it were on fire underneath his fingertips. His hands followed his lips down her neck, past her shoulders where they gently grasped her tits. The minute that his fingers pinched her nipples and his tongue touched the exposed skin, a moan escaped her and she came. She could feel his smile on her skin.
He left her nipple and worked his way slowly down her stomach to the buttons on her jeans. He unbuttoned them as another moan escaped her and another smile crossed his face. He slipped her jeans off and tossed them onto the floor. He could smell her wetness and she smelled sweet.
He got up from the couch, removed his shirt and jeans, and took her by the hand. He pulled her up off of the couch and led her to his bedroom. He walked her over to the bed, unhooked her bra, slid her panties down so that she could step out of them, took her into his arms and kissed her again. As he kissed her he laid her back onto the bed.
He slowly made his way from her lips back to her tits. Another moan escaped her, this time he didn’t stop at just sucking on them and slid two of his fingers inside of her. She came instantly; soaking his hand and making him smile yet again. He gently stroked her clit as he sucked on her tits, first one and then the other.
He couldn’t wait to taste her for another minute. He left a trail of kisses down her stomach until he reached her freshly shaved mound. He plunged his tongue deep inside of her and as he made his way up to her clit with one long stroke, he made her cum so hard she visibly shook. As he licked her clit in long, slow strokes, he continued fucking her with his fingers.
She had no choice but to keep time with his rhythm. He was driving her insane with desire. She had never gotten off like that before and didn’t know how he was doing it but knew she didn’t want him to stop. She knew she was close to cumming harder than she ever had before.
Without warning, he withdrew his tongue and placed two of his fingers on her clit. He stroked her fast and hard. She tensed up, squirted on him and relaxed, just that fast. He eagerly lapped up her juices. She couldn’t help but laugh as that was the first time that she’d ever squirted.
With a smile and her juices all over his face, he slipped off his boxers and slid his aching hard on into her eager and drenched pussy. He stroked her ever so slowly, hitting her clit at each pass. She couldn’t help but cum again. Suddenly, during mid stroke, she pulled away from him.
“All’s fair” she said as she moved out from underneath him and guided him onto his back.
She softly kissed his lips, licked her juices from around them and smiled at him. She kissed his neck and chest, bit his nipples and made a trail with her tongue down his stomach. When she finally reached his throbbing cock she wrapped her hand around it and looked up at him with a smile. She licked the tip of his aching member and smiled up at him again. The smile on his face said all she needed to hear.
She slowly sank her soft, warm wet mouth on to his rock hard dick. She quickly created her own rhythm that he had no problem keeping time with. She used her tongue on the sides of his shaft as she moved swiftly up and down on him.
She’d hesitated only briefly at the tip of his cock, swirling her tongue around it and looking up at him before sinking the warm depth of her mouth back down onto him. His own moan’s came in short raspy breaths. He was close to cumming and he knew it.
He grabbed her by the hair and tried to pull her away but she wasn’t having any of that. She resisted. She sucked harder, deeper and faster. He had no choice and with one final moan, came so hard that he visibly shook. She sucked him dry, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at him.
“When I say ‘all’s fair’ I mean ‘all’s fair'” she said with a laugh.



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3 responses to “A Short Story….All’s Fair

  1. that’s nice,enough to keep me warm for full night,thank u mam.u r great person,i like to have friend like u,who can keep u hot,sexy & excited.

  2. William Craig

    You have done it again in “All’s Fair” , an erotic and sensual composition of seduction and desire. Very powerful. The verbage is perfect.
    Thank you.
    William Craig

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