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How can an erotic author not read erotica? The things that make you go hmmmm….



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  1. thats logical response, i agree with you.

  2. William Craig

    Hi Leanne:

    You read one of my short stories I sent to you. Maybe, you will read another. You may edit it and use it if you llike. Let me know what you think.

    William Craig

    The Drive Home
    By William Craig

    The day was ending for working people and I was to pick up Tina after work because her car was in for service and would not be ready until tomorrow. Feeling a little bit venturous, I called Tina at work and suggested she be prepared for a different ride home. Then at home I would allow her time to change for our dinner date. Not expecting anything different than Tina being the same person that went to work this morning, I did not believe something different was about to happened.

    I rented a limo and driver, bought a nice bottle of wine. I was dressed in nice attire for riding in a limo and expected Tina to be extremely surprised. But I was the one to be surprised. How Tina knew of my little planned adventure, I do not know.

    As the limo parked outside of her work place we waited for several minutes until she came out of the building. To my surprise, she was dressed so fantastically erotic and beautiful that the driver, and I must have had our mouths agape. A black dress, tight and cut just above the knees. A plunging neckline joined in a “v” between her breasts, exposing just a hint of her cleavage. Nested in her cleavage is the diamond pendant that I bought her when she had her vacation in San Antonio.

    Smoke colored, smooth and glistening stocking covered her legs. Dainty red high heels cradled her feet. The handbag’s color matched the shoes. Her dark hair was slightly fluffed and danced in the air as its bounce and matched the sway of her breasts. Bright red lip-gloss covered her always-desirable lips. Lips that I have kissed so many times in my day and night dreams. Glistening eyes showed appreciation of my thoughtfulness of providing an “not-expected” means of a ride home.

    “Hello, Rick, nice surprise?” Tina questioned, but to what? The limo or Tina?

    “Hello back yourself, how was your day?”

    “Her answer came as a slightly moist kiss on the lips as her eyes did not close, but continued to look into my eyes.

    We “stepped” inside the limo, Tina first, who slid across the dark red leather seats, then I stepped in as the driver closed the door.

    The limo had very dark windows in the rear seat area and a window separated that compartment from the driver. Communication to the driver is by a hand held phone-intercom. The engine starts and we move as I remove from the built in refrigerator the wine bottle and two chilled glasses. Setting the glasses on a fold-up table the glasses are partially filled. Handing to Tina her glass I must have had a “possum” like grin on my face.

    “Here is to a fun time this evening.” I propose as I held up my glass in a toast.

    Tina smiles erotically as her right eyebrow has that sexy little raised tilt that she always has when she is planning something or is in a very adventurous mood.

    Turning and setting the glass causes the hem of the little black dress to rise beyond the lacy tops of thigh high smoke colored stockings exposing the tan skin just above. Turning back to me our lips meet in a very succulent, wet kiss. The lip-gloss has that familiar taste that mixed with Tina’s own sweet-as-honey tongue. My exploring hand touches her thigh on the stocking’s smooth-as-silk texture. Feeling her tremble a little in expecting excitement my hand rubs her softly but firmly enough to make it sensual.

    Our lips part and Tina’s lips find my ear and with one short tug has the ear lobe in between her pouting lips. Sucking and then opening her mouth grabs more ear and nips down gently. Her breath is becoming more and more rapid as she continues teasing my ear and my neck just below the ear.

    My hand continues exploring her thigh. Oh my, the lace feels so sexy and erotic. A lady in stockings has always excited me. Above the lace my hand continues its journey. Her skin is warm and so smooth. By reaction Tina’s legs spread a little as if to welcome my hands advances. Moving across the top of her thigh my hand does not rotate which leaves the back of my hand to feel the inside of her inner thigh. A lady’s inner thigh has always been the most succulent and very smooth, rivaling the skin on a lady’s breast. Closer my hand advances to her mound of Venus and touching that place with my finger finds there is no barrier of cloth. Tina has no panties on! My heart jumps and beats more rapidly. Tina gasps as my finger touches her pubic hair around the growing passion within the lips of her always-beautiful pussy.

    “Rick, do you like what I have on and what I do not have on?” Her soft whisper in my ear causes my groin to have chill bumps.

    Tina moves her smooth hand and dainty fingers to the bulge on my trousers. Rapidly she rubs her hand around and around the bulge causing anxiety to build inside. I feel the usual pre-cum to wet my briefs as the increasing hardness grows, straining the trousers fabric.

    Around and in back of my neck her fee hand pulls my face to her face and I see the glint of sparkles in her eyes, signaling to me that she is enjoying herself. Her lips part showing her pearly white teeth. Pulling my head to her, our lips touch and become raging passion, tongue-seeking tongue, and teeth touching teeth. Moving lips dancing with moving lips. Her hand continues her massage on my dick that is still covered, but feels so good almost to the point of orgasm.

    My fingers touch Tina’s pussy lips and I find her excitement has her very wet. The wetness is flowing so greatly that I find it easy to wet my fingers, and with ease two fingers slip inside. Feeling the silky smoothness inside, my fingers stop to rub around and around causing Tina to gasp and lightly bite my lower lip with her teeth.

    “Rick……. Rick, deeper……. please. Can you find my “G” spot? If you do I will cum for you. I am so excited.” Tina barely spoke. Anymore excitement and I think she will not be able to speak.

    Fumbling fingers are trying to free my cock from its restraint. So my hand arrives to assist Tina with her quest of granting freedom to my imprisoned, heated and hardened desire. Finally free it jumps into the air with bounding excitement. A soft hand grasps it around its shaft and begins to please it with gentle, long and pleasing strokes.

    I intentionally moisten my thumb of the hand that is feeling Tina’s pussy deeper and deeper fingers probe. Tina swings her legs onto the red seats and raises her pussy up with her hips allowing my fingers greater access to her heated desire. Finding her G spot my fingers rub it softly. The moist thumb moves to her clit. Double feeling moves Tina to a double pulsing orgasm. A deep orgasm within and the shocking orgasm from her clit cause her to push her body up off of the seat.

    Her free hand brushes the black cover off of her bulging left breast. The nipple is so hard and full of desire that my lips must appease the lust in it with kisses and tongue licks. Sucking and licking my mouth continues on her breast. Large amounts of pussy cum mixed with love juice flows copiously from her inner depths in rivulets on my hand. I do not mind at all, in fact I love it.

    As Tina’s orgasm begins to slow, but is still causing shocks within her inner depths, she quickly moves like a hungry animal as her wanton mouth touches the head of my dick and her tongue wipes away the drip on the opening. Her eyes glance provocatively at mine, telling my eyes that relief is close.

    With one swift move her mouth engulfs my cock as it touches the back of her throat. Sucking and sucking continues as her hand grasps my balls and plays carefully with them. From my balls her hand grasp the exposed part of my cock and strokes it as her mouth travels up and down the rest of the shaft. My ecstasy is building to volcanic eruption proportions. Continuing her worship of my cock, she releases her hand and to her pussy it travels where she inserts a finger inside of her pussy, bringing out a large amount of pussy nectar. Her finger then places her essence on the head of my cock.

    “I want to taste our love together.” She whispers. Smiling at me with her eyes and lips she attacks my cock again with vigor.

    My legs feel the building eruption beginning as I inform Tina. “I am going to cum for you Baby.”

    “Do it Honey. Do it for Tina.” As she pulls off of my cock, swings her legs around and her pussy is presented with its lips wide open to me. Tits are free of their garment and I see their white softness with red and engorged nipples and areolas. This sight is enough to influence me to thrust my cock inside of the most wet and hot pussy in the world.

    Tina’s eyes are wide open as I thrust inside of her. Again and again, deeper and deeper. Slow and deliberate thrusts making her feel each passing of the cock’s texture and ridge inducing the filling and shrinking feeling inside of her.

    As her orgasm approaches she wraps her legs around me pulling me in tightly as she pulls her butt off of the red leather seat. Offering her pussy to me this way make my cock to enter in deeper. Thrusting across her G spot over and over while the upper part of my cock rubs her swollen and sensitive clit.

    I cannot hold back any more, “Tina I am coming Baby, do you want my cum inside of you? Take me Baby, take me.”

    “Rick…..give it to me…….oh!…..damn give it to meeee……I am coming…..OHHHH!!!”

    Tina is bucking profusely as I pound my dick in to her cum soaked pussy. Again and again I push in hard and harder. Our cum is flowing out of her pussy and covering my dick and balls with our sweet combined love.

    Finally…….our passions subside slowly as we are embraced in each other’s arms. We are beginning to notice the world around us. The limo is still driving along the streets. For how long? We should have been home long ago, I think.
    But we do not care. We have each other.

    At home we will shower together and dress each other. Then our apparently thinking driver and limo will take us to dinner. Later at home we will enjoy each other until we slowly drift off into slumber.

    • Hello William,
      While I did read the first story you sent me and did enjoy it, I must admit the I do not normally read erotica. I have never read an erotic novel. I am no editor and prefer to use my own work. I appreciate you taking the time to write and suggest you join LinkedIn and find someone who will edit your work for you and start your own blog here on WordPress! I think you have real potential! Thanks again! L

  3. TheOthers1

    It’s not impossible, but it’s like a person who writes horror and doesn’t read horror. You gain a certain grasp of the genre by reading what’s offered within it. Just my opinion.

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