New Short Story…Let It Rain

Let It Rain
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

Mark and Mary were lying on the bed one rainy Sunday afternoon. The sound of angry raindrops hitting the cement beneath the second-story window outside was strangely soothing. They were comfortable there in each other’s arms, warm and close to dozing off when Mark suddenly turned to faced Mary.
“The sound of all that running water has made me need to pee” he said to her with a chuckle as he started to get up off the bed.
“Darling,” she said looking at him with her mesmerizing oceanic blue eyes. “What would you say if I told you I wanted a golden shower?” She asked with a slightly wicked grin crossing her pale pink lips. Mark looked at his wife, raised an eyebrow and smiled back at her.
“I’d say ‘are you serious’?” He said still smiling. Mary moved over onto her back and into the middle of the bed.
“Absolutely” she purred, still smiling. Mark couldn’t believe his ears. Mary had always been adventurous when it came to sex; he’d always called her his “eager beaver”. She was always willing to try new things and would do anything to please him, so, in actuality he guessed he could believe it.
“Sure, care to join me in the shower?” He asked. Mary looked up at him again with those eyes and shook her head. She moved further down onto the bed, the slightly wicked smile creeping back across her mouth.
“No baby,” she said. “Right here, right now” she finished as she cupped her tits, ran her hands slowly down to her stomach, then across to her mound, caressing it through the thin fabric of her shorts.
“Really? Right here?” Mark asked.
” Really, right here, right now” she replied raising her hips up off the bed as she gently stroked herself a little harder. Mark did as she wanted even though he found it difficult due to the fact that his cock was getting hard watching her. He concentrated on the task at hand and in no time Mary had her golden shower.
The warm pungent liquid hit Mary full force in the torso at first. She slipped her hand inside of her shorts and onto her sopping wet clit. Mary worked it feverishly as she knew she didn’t have much time. She stroked herself hard and fast. She looked up at Mark, licked her lips, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.
As if on cue, Mark sent his stream, directly between Mary’s lips. Mary lapped up his bitter juice as she kept rhythm for the last few strikes against her clit as she sent herself into a cataclysmic orgasm. As she finished so did Mark. Soaked and spent, Mary laughed.
“You should see the look on your face” she said still laughing.
“That was fucking awesome babe!” He said as he zipped himself up. Mary still laughing got up off of the bed, stripped it of its linens and removed her clothes.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did,” she said winking at him as she handed him the load of laundry to be washed. “Be a love and start those would you, I’m going to grab a shower,” she said with another of her notoriously wicked grins. “When you get those started, why don’t you join me?” She said as she reached down and gently stroked his hardening bulge.
“Anything for you, you amazing freak!” He said as he heard her laugh all the way into the bathroom.

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