A Short Story…In The End

In The End

A Short Story

By Leanna Harrow


            Kevin was quite a skilled lover. He had been trying to get his girlfriend of six months, Monica, to do some less than conventional things in the bedroom but she was having none of it. Monica, it seemed, was a little more than “vanilla”, she had major trust issues and some of the things that Kevin wanted her to do bordered on just this side of deranged.

One night, after almost an hour of begging, Monica finally relented and decided to let Kevin have her virgin ass. She made him promise that he’d take good care of her pussy first, as he always had, that he’d be gentle with it and that he’d stop if she asked him to. Of course he eagerly agreed to her demands, his throbbing cock at full attention at the mere thought of both gloriously tight holes of hers.

Kevin took his place between her thighs and kissed each one softly. He could be a gentle lover when we wanted to and he could also be a beast. He slowly licked her thighs until he made his way to her sweet spot. He spread her pussy lips open exposing her aching clit and in one long, hard flick of his tongue, made her shudder and cum.

Monica moaned and sucked in hear breath as she came. Juices flowed from her like she were a fountain and Kevin eagerly lapped them up as he continued to apply pressure to her swollen clit. Monica rode his mouth like he was her steed. Another stroke, another orgasm and as she came she moaned his name. That was all it took, he could take no more.

Kevin left her sopping wet pussy and slid his excruciatingly hard cock into her more than receptive slit. As he entered her, he couldn’t help but hear the delightful noises that escaped her. He loved to hear the sounds that she made. He loved the sounds she made when he kissed her, when he grabbed her by surprise from behind and while he was fucking her. She tasted sweet, she felt sweet and she sounded even sweeter. Her moans and noises were truly music to his ears.

He fucked her slowly with long and deliberate stokes designed to drive her wild. She was always so eager, so ready, and so receptive. Her hips rose up to meet each of his thrusts as he pumped her full. He grabbed hold of her hips and drove himself deeper each time she came up to meet him. God, she was so tight, he thought he’d split her in two.

He loved how she grabbed him and held onto him with just the muscles in her pussy, never mind the death grip she had on him with her legs and the nail trails she was leaving on his chest. Those just added to the pleasure that he liked spiked with pain.

He slowed his rhythm as she came again. He wanted to make sure that she got off again but that he did not. As he slowed, she gripped his cock so tightly that he thought he wouldn’t be able to withdraw it. She must have known what was coming.

“It’s time baby” he told her. Without hesitation, she rolled over onto her stomach, she was always a good girl when it came to keeping her promises to him. Kevin grabbed the tube of lubricant and slathered up his massive hard on so that its entry into her never before touched ass was as painless as possible. He then gently placed the tip of his hard on at Monica’s ass and proceeded to enter her.

He was almost sure that if she hadn’t had her face buried in the pillow, the sound that had escaped her would have been a soft scream. He asked her if she was alright. She said she was. He slid into her further and asked her again. She only nodded this time as he was sure she had been rendered speechless. Her breaths were now coming in waves as were her orgasms.

He fucked her slowly so that she could establish the rhythm and keep time with him. He would stroke her a little faster and she would bear down on him. He then fucked her a little harder and faster still asking her again if she was okay. She nodded and replied with a raspy “yes, yes, yes” between cumming and moaning. This only made Kevin harder and more determined to cum in that sweet, tight, no longer virgin ass of hers.

Just the thought of her ass being his, made is balls tighten and his rhythm slow as he unloaded in her. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back as he came. Monica in her own frenzied state shuddered and came with him. When he was done he pulled out of her, lay down beside her, ran his hand down her back and asked if she was alright again.

She assured him that she was and told him that she didn’t know that a woman could have an orgasm that way much less multiple orgasms. He laughed at her as she really was vanilla when it came right down to it. He loved that about her, that and the fact that she was his, mind, body and soul.

Monica rolled over onto her side and asked if he’d ever experienced it. He laughed and said no. She told him that she’d heard that the prostate gland was supposedly the man’s “G” spot. He said that he wasn’t in any hurry to find out. Monica smiled sweetly at him, inching her way down the bed, her smile turning almost evil as she slid her hand across his thigh to his spent dick and stroked it.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked as she licked her lips. Kevin looked deep into her big blue eyes and shook his head as he loved the feel of her lips around his cock. She slowly moved up and over him and took him into the warm, wet confines of her mouth.

She sucked him slowly at first. Taking him in deep and then coming up to the head of him and using her tongue in a swirling motion. She sucked on the head of his cock and smiled up at him. She reached down between her legs and moistened her fingers with the still fresh mixture of cum and lubricant.

As she quickened her pace on his now fully erect member, she slowly traced the area around his ass with her finger tip. She could feel him tighten up at her touch. She stopped sucking and told him that she’d be gentle and would stop if he wanted her to. He didn’t say anything and she took it as her cue to continue.

She slid her finger into him, she promptly found his spot. He sucked in his breath and his own moan escaped him. Monica worked her finger on him as she continued sucking him deep at the same time. In a matter of seconds, she had a perfect rhythm going of fucking and sucking. Kevin couldn’t help but keep time with her strokes. He fucked her mouth as she sucked his cock and finger fucked his ass.

Kevin never had a problem getting off two or three times a night but each time would usually take a little longer than the last. That would not be the case this night. It would not be but another minute of sucking and fucking before he shot another load. This one was met with the eager lips of his love.

She took every ounce he had left in him. She drank him down and licked him clean as she continued to hit his spot and ride out his orgasm. As his breaths slowed, she slowly removed her finger, inched her way back up the bed and took her place next to him.

They lay there talking for hours, about life, love and the pursuit of orgasms. He told her that he now understood what the fuss was all about and they both had a good laugh.

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