New Short Story….Please Mr. DJ

Please Mr. DJ
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

George Morton took his headphones off, laid them on the desk in front of him and rubbed his eyes. He worked the midnight to six AM shift and hated it. It was only six hours but it threw his whole day off. He’d get home as his wife was going to work, sleep all day, get up most days in time to have dinner with his wife and then it was off to work again.

It’s not like spending time with his wife was a priority. She had her life and he had his. They’d been married twenty-three years and over the last ten they had become complete strangers. George couldn’t remember the last time they had sex, and he damn sure couldn’t remember the last time they had good sex.

George was a DJ at one of three the local radio stations. He’d been at this particular station for over twelve years. That was a long time in the radio business. He loved the job but hated the pay. He enjoyed getting out and doing live events where he got to mingle with the fans but most days, stuck in the booth, playing the same old music, he despised his job.

On this particular night, it was almost three AM and it was the third night of constant down pouring rain. George sat there listening to the rain hit the roof until he realized the sound of it was lulling him to sleep. As he sat up and rubbed his eyes again there was a loud rapping on the back door. As he stood at to make his way to the back of the studio, the rapping got louder and more frantic.

George opened the door and there stood a young woman in an overcoat, soaking wet and shivering.

“My God! Come in before you catch your death,” George told the beautiful stranger. “Are you all right?” He asked.

“I’m fine, just soaking wet and a little cold” she replied with a slight smile. George grabbed his own coat and put it around her.

“Here, come sit down. I’ll turn up the heat” he told her as he headed to the thermostat and turned it up a couple of notches. He walked back over and sat down across from the beautiful young woman.

“What on earth are you doing out on a night like this?” He asked “did you have car trouble or something? He continued to question her.

“Well something like that,” she said looking around nervously. “Are we alone here?” She asked.

“Yes,” George told her. “But you have nothing to worry about, I’m harmless” he said with a laugh.

“Oh I’m not worried Mr. Morton,” she said glancing down at the floor with a slight smile on her lips. “You see I didn’t have car trouble, I came here to see you” she said as her eyes met his. George looked at this beautiful young woman and wondered why on earth she would come to see him. She couldn’t have been a day over twenty-five, was a stunner and built like a brick shit house.

“I don’t understand” he said.

“You see George, May I call you George?” She asked.

“Sure” he stammered.

“I’ve listened to your show for years, ten long years. I’ve listen to you talk about your life, your interests and your dislikes,” she told him. “I’ve gone to every event that you appeared live at that I’ve been able to, I fallen asleep listening to you and I woke up to your voice.” She said as she stood and removed his coat. It fell to the floor she continued. “I find you fascinating, kind and free-spirited” she said as she unbuttoned the buttons on her overcoat.

“I know you’re married, I know you’re not happy in your marriage and if you don’t want me I’ll understand” she said as her overcoat hit the floor revealing the red camisole and panties she was wearing that matched her red pumps. George sat there staring at the exquisite creature standing in front of him. He hoped that she couldn’t see the hard on that was near raging just at the site of her firm, shapely young body. The young woman walked over to George placed her hand on the side of his face and stroked his beard as she looked him in the eye.

“I have dreamed of this night for years,” she said as she leaned in closer. “I have fantasized about all of the things that like to do to you, for you and with you,” she said as her lips brushed his ear. “I could be everything you have ever desired” she whispered into his ear as she pulled away and her lips met his.

George returned her soft, sweet kiss. The beautiful stranger placed both hands on the side of his face and kissed him deeper. George’s hands went to her hips and pulled her onto his lap. He was really glad at this point the station had opted for the oversized executive chairs.

George pulled the camisole up and over her head so that he could get his hands and lips on her perfectly shaped tits. They were so soft, so supple and her nipples were perfect for sucking so that’s exactly what he did. First one and then the other.

The beautiful stranger arched her back, threw her head back and moaned in delight. George slid one of his hands that had been planted firmly on her hips around to the panty covered sweet spot just hovering over his aching cock. He slid his fingers into her panties and across her soaking wet clit.

The beautiful stranger leaned down to George’s ear and whispered “fuck me right there just like that” as she traced around his ear and down his neck with her tongue. George stroked her clit in slow deliberate motions.

“Oh… God… George” she breathlessly moaned into his ear. George slid his fingers deep inside of her. The beautiful stranger’s body stiffened and she came. She looked into George’s eyes and smiled. George smiled back. His eyes widened for a second as he slid his chair over, grabbed a disc and popped it into a slot on the console with the fingers on his other hand still deep inside of her. They both laughed.

George withdrew his fingers; the beautiful stranger took his hand, raised it to her mouth and used her tongue to lick her juices from his hand. George only thought until that moment he had a raging hard on. He thought he was going to cum in his pants as she methodically licked each finger. She was the sexiest, most beautiful and sensual woman he’d ever seen. He was now going to commence fucking her brains out.

As if the beautiful stranger had read his mind, she got up off of George and removed her panties. She spied the table that they put coffee and donuts out on for the morning show crew. She hopped up on the table, spread her legs and with her finger motioned for George to come to her. He was one step ahead of her as he was already there, had his pants around his ankles and was pulling her to the edge of the table.

George used his thumbs to spread her perfectly proportioned pink lips apart and slid the tip of his cock against her swollen clit. He used the head of his dick to gently fuck her clit until she came again. He could no longer take it and slid his swollen member into her sopping wet hotbox. The beautiful stranger wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him close. She was so fucking tight he thought he’d cum without fucking her proper. He wasn’t about to have that, it had been way too long.

He stroked her a few more times and pulled out. She had what almost looked to be a pout crossing her lips. George pulled her from the table, turned her around and bent her over. He entered her from behind and thought to himself, if it were possible, she seemed even tighter.

George bent over her, cupped her perfect tits in his hands and proceeded to fuck her like she’d never been fucked before. With every other stroke, the beautiful stranger would cum harder than the time before. She would tighten around George’s throbbing cock with each orgasm. Finally George could take no more, the pounding slowed; the strokes were deliberately hitting her clit with each pass until they both came.

The beautiful stranger turned and faced George. She smiled at him sweetly and kissed him softly on the lips. She put her panties, camisole and coat back on. George pulled his pants back up, buckled his belt and went over to the console to pop in another disc.

“Thank you George it truly was an honor to meet you” the beautiful stranger said as she headed to the back door.

“Wait, at least tell me your name so that I can give you a shout out some time” he said as she opened the door.

“Your number one fan” she said as she walked out the door closing it behind her. George looked around the room and wondered if he’d dreamed the whole thing. He looked at the table where he just fucked the most beautiful young woman he’d ever seen. Seeing the wet spot on it, knew then he’d always smile when they brought in the coffee and donuts for the morning show crew.


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  1. George

    Hiya George here and its all true 😉

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