“A Beautiful Liar” Chapter 1

I have decided to post the first Chapters of my books for your enjoyment…Please feel free to comment! 😉

Chapter One-A Beautiful Liar (Book One of the “Maggie West Series”)

Maggie West grew up believing in fairy tales  which is perhaps why she got into the mess that she did. Her poor, misguided mother had told her the same bullshit story all of her life. You know the one; you meet a man, get married, have his children and live happily ever after.  Ah yes, every little girl’s fantasy.

By adulthood, Maggie had concluded it was a total and complete crock of shit. After her third marriage failed, Maggie moved in with her youngest daughter to wait for the ink on the divorce papers to dry yet again so that she could pick up the pieces of her pathetic, shattered excuse of a life: eking out a living as a freelance contractor, watching the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months turn into years. Every little girl’s fantasy, yes, it was a total fucking crock of shit.

Maggie had four children by two different men. She had two girls and two boys. She was passionate about her kids. You didn’t fuck with Maggie’s kids. Maggie felt bad that she’d affected her youngest one by marrying her latest mistake and moving out of town. She married him after a long relationship had gone south and decided – after just six weeks of knowing him – to marry him. This decision was in spite of the fact that he couldn’t get it up and keep it up no matter how hard he tried. He eventually quit trying.

Maggie didn’t even care after a while, which was sad really, since Maggie had always cared about sex – a lot – but she’d never really been stable when it came to choosing men. She always seemed to choose the bad guys. They were the ones who would abuse her, mistreat her, and use her.

Her first husband was a drunken skirt chaser, so was her second, as well as most of her boyfriends. She was only seventeen when she married her first husband and had only known him a month or so. Her motive? She wanted desperately to get out of her mother’s house. She didn’t have time to get to know him, either. All she cared about was getting away from her negative, sad sack of a mother. She didn’t know that pills and alcohol were his first love. She didn’t know that he was looking for a way out, too. She didn’t know how abused and broken he was. She didn’t know that he liked strange pussy better than he did hers. She didn’t know that twenty-five years later, those pills and alcohol would be his last love.

Her second husband also loved to drink and chase women. He was just better at hiding it. Maggie was older with this one and really believed she loved him. She was heartbroken when she found out about the twelve or so women he was fucking.

She then went through a period of time where she dated men who were physically disabled as she thought that it would ensure that they wouldn’t cheat. Little did she know that they wouldn’t be much in the “fuck her proper” department, either. The disabled seemed like a safe bet to Maggie. She figured that they would appreciate a woman who doted on them. They would appreciate someone who would bring them coffee in bed. They would appreciate someone who would do anything to please them. As usual, she was wrong. The first one was in a wheel chair, a paraplegic.

He treated her well for six and a half years. She settled for six and a half years of paying him rent, loving him, and learning a lot about patience and pain. At the end of six and a half years, she said she wanted more – marriage, commitment – and he didn’t, so she left. Her heart was broken, but she did it, she left. Another failed relationship.

She found a man with Cerebral Palsy and married him six weeks later – Husband Number Three. This one was in no way independent or strong. He was weak and needy and used her as a paycheck for two years. She paid for everything. She paid for the rent, the utilities, the groceries, his medical, the vehicles, everything. She finally got him approved for Social Security during the two years they were together, and it was a huge relief.

Finally, she could no longer stand the fact that he only saw her as a dollar sign. She decided that she could no longer take being his doormat and walked out. She felt bad, but she could no longer lose herself to someone else.

Maggie was passionate about her lovers, but she knew when enough was enough. In a relationship, she would do anything to please. She would do anything that was asked of her. She would do anything to make everyone else happy. She was the ultimate people-pleaser, spending many years making everyone else happy, not realizing just how miserable she was making herself. She had no idea that little by little her passion was being snuffed out until one day it was gone. What had happened to her? Where had she gone? Would she ever find herself again? Did she even care?

Now that she was divorced – away from the neediness of a lover, able to focus on herself, she was ready to relocate her happiness. She tried this in a series of ways: shooting pool at bars, doing her work at cafés, attempting to meet people through friends. Her job as a freelance contractor kept her so isolated that oftentimes she felt very lonely.

That is what drew her to social networking. Meeting people through chat rooms and forums opened her world to new friends. She only had one site in particular that she liked to goof off on. It was a place where all of her family and friends had accounts and she could see what their “status” was. It was a way to reach out, to keep in touch and to let them know that she was there if they wanted to chat. It was a way to talk to her son while he was on deployment with the Marines, and to talk to her family on the West Coast. It was a way to talk to the “friends” she’d never met and to flirt with countless men who found her charming and beautiful, or so they said.

Playing around online only took up a small part of Maggie’s day. She would check friends’ status updates, play games, and deny the random request from strange men who wanted to befriend her. A current picture and all of a sudden every guy on the planet wanted to be her friend. They were married, engaged, and single. They were tall, short, fat, thin, longhaired and bald. They came in every shape, size, and color.

Every once in a while she would go to the profile and actually read it, but she never accepted the friend request because she had all but given up on men. They all basically sucked. She knew that. She should know that with all the trouble and heartbreak they had caused her over the years.

But here’s the thing about Maggie: she got curious. Her path was moving on a collision course with yet another man. Her warranted hatred for dishonest men was about to bring her to an unexpected love – and take her for a very, very wild ride.



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