Chapter One “Maggie’s Men”

I have decided to post the first Chapters of my books for your enjoyment…Please feel free to comment! 😉

Chapter One-Maggie’s Men (Book Two of the “Maggie West Series”)


Maggie told Christian her whole life story. He listened as intently to its conclusion on the second flight as he had to the beginning of it on the first flight and the middle of it during their layover. She was so animated, so vivacious, and so spirited when she spoke. She lit up when she talked of the beautiful liar. She really had a way with words. Even more, he couldn’t help but look into those big, beautiful blue eyes, listen to that deep sultry voice and get lost in her words.

“So, when he came to the hotel and told me that he had lied about his name and said he was an heir to the Moroccan throne, I kind of flipped out. I told him I was done, that he had lied to me for the last time and that I wanted nothing more to do with him. Then, I left Rome and headed home,” she said as she turned her head away from him to look out over the wing of the airplane at the clouds.

“I would have done a little more than flip out if I were you,” Christian said as he laughed.

“To be honest,” Maggie said looking back at him with a smile, “I wanted to punch him in the fucking face.” She didn’t know where that came from as she had never been a violent person. The sweet-looking elderly lady sitting in the seat next to Christian leaned forward and spoke up.

“I’m sorry dear, but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I find it hard to believe that you would walk away from an heir to the Moroccan throne over something so insignificant,” she said.

Maggie felt her blood begin to boil. She had always been good at keeping calm in pretty much any situation. She usually thought about what she was going to say before she said it but this was just not one of those times. Maggie leaned forward, peering around Christian.

“Really, well I find it hard to believe that you would sit there, listening to our conversation and then have the nerve to make a statement like that not knowing what the fuck you are talking about! I suggest you mind your business!” Maggie practically shouted at the woman who was now sitting there with a complete and total look of shock on her face.

“Why, I never!” the old woman said.

“Well maybe you should!” Maggie shot back at her as she slowly sat back in her chair. The woman quickly got up and left her seat. Maggie looked at Christian with a smile on her face as she was sure the old lady was off to see if the flight attendant could find her another seat.

“God that felt good!” she exclaimed.

“Wow, I guess you told her!” Christian said with a smile slowly crossing his lips.

“I know, right! I have never done anything like that before and I don’t know what’s gotten into me but she just chapped my ass! I mean seriously, she had it coming,” Maggie said as she thought about how good it felt to tell that old bitch where to get off.

Maggie had taken so much shit in her life that it actually felt good to give some of it back. Who did that old lady think she was anyway? That old lady didn’t know half of the story. She didn’t know the abuse Maggie had suffered all her life at the hands of her mother. She didn’t know the abuse that Maggie had suffered all her life at the hands of men. She didn’t know that Maggie had raised four children almost single handedly. She didn’t know that Maggie had suffered through beatings, a rape, and countless other tragedies. She didn’t know that Maggie had all but given up on love. She didn’t know that the man she and Christian were talking about had lied to her from the beginning of their relationship and promised to never to lie to her again. She didn’t know that this man had tricked Maggie into trusting him and into flying halfway around the world to meet him. She didn’t know that he had lied to her again and that was something that she would not tolerate. She didn’t know anything and it thoroughly pissed Maggie off. It pissed her off to the point that she felt rage in her chest. It pissed her off to the point that if she weren’t afraid of being cuffed by the US Marshall, she would have punched that old lady in the face!

“I just can’t believe that she’d say something like that to me. I mean, she has no idea who I am or what I’ve been through. Just because he was filthy rich and an heir to the throne doesn’t mean I’d let him lie to me. For God’s sake, if he could lie to me, what else would he do?” Maggie asked Christian.

“I’m sure he’d do much worse, and I for one think you did a remarkable thing by telling him to go fuck himself,” Christian told her.

“Thank you,” Maggie said with a smile and a nod.

“He must have been heartbroken losing a beautiful, lovely and spirited woman like you,” Christian said.

Maggie laughed and looked out the window. She wanted to laugh hysterically. Her, beautiful, lovely, and spirited? She sat there and thought about it for a minute. She was all of those things, wasn’t she? She had heard it before, numerous times before, so why didn’t she believe it? Why didn’t she see what other people so obviously saw in her? Why did she have such a low opinion of herself? How did she let herself get so beat down? Here was an absolutely stunning man telling her that she was beautiful, lovely, and spirited and she had just laughed at him. What the hell was wrong with her?

“Was that just nervous laughter Maggie?” Christian asked.

“I guess it was,” she lied. “I’ve never had a gorgeous man tell me that I’m all that,” she lied again. What was with her? What was with the lying? She decided to come clean. She had told him everything else about her entire life, including the fact that she had participated in sex on camera, so she figured she could tell him this truth, too.

“I guess I’ve just always suffered from extremely low self esteem,” she stated. “Like I told you, I’ve have had a rough life. I have been abused by just about everyone I have ever come in contact with, and I have taken it, all of my life. Taken it and settled all of my life,” she said as she looked out the window, determined not to break her promise to herself and never let another man see her cry.

“Listen, sweetie,” Christian said as he took her hand in his. “I could tell from the moment you stammered your name when I said hello to you that you were somewhat damaged. We all are damaged, in some way or another. I myself have been used and abused most of my life. I choose not to let it define me. I could do a lot to help you see yourself for the beautiful, strong, brilliant woman you are. If you’ll only let me.”

Maggie looked into his big, beautiful brown eyes and ignored the warning bells that automatically went off in her head.

“That is very sweet of you, but I don’t think a rebound fling is what I need,” Maggie told him, smiling sweetly.

“No, you silly woman,” Christian said as he leaned closer to Maggie. “As much as I’d love to fuck you, I have far too much respect for you and what you’ve gone through for that,” he said with a serious look on his face. “I’d like to be your friend, someone you can confide in, someone you can call anytime you need him, someone that will always be there for you no matter what.”

Maggie just sat there, looking at him, wondering what it was that he wanted from her. Some old habits really do die hard.

“What’s in it for you?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.

“Well,” he said, smiling his gorgeous smile, “a most brilliant, beautiful and slightly mouthy best friend.”

Maggie smiled at him.

“I’d like that,” she said.

As the plane made its final approach into the Raleigh airport, where Maggie was meeting her girls and Christian was catching a connecting flight, Maggie and Christian exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Maggie had the feeling that this was not just another empty promise from another passing asshole. She had the feeling that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, something that she had never experienced with a man before and something that she was going to treasure forever.

The two of them made their way to the waiting area where Christian put his arms around Maggie and hugged her tight.

“I’ll call you soon,” Christian said. He kissed her on the cheek, and then dashed off toward his terminal to make his connecting flight. Maggie touched her cheek where his lips had left the light kiss, a smile making its way across her lips. She turned around to see her daughters staring at her with questions clearly written all over their faces.

“Oh, this is going to be a fun two hour ride home,” she thought to herself as she grabbed the handle of her bag and walked over to them. Regardless of the nightmare that was getting ready to unfold in front of her, Maggie had resigned to the fact that she had found a sense of renewal, a sense of strength and that no one, not even her children, were going to take away from her. She was going to try to keep her cool but had a feeling deep in the pit of her stomach that it was not going to be easy to do.



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