A Short Story….Social Networking

Social Networking
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

Lisa had sold used cars for a long time and she was good at it, but she had much bigger aspirations. She had an idea that could make her a lot of money if she could only figure out how to market it. One day while talking with her girlfriend Lily over coffee, she told her of her frustrations.
“I just don’t know what to do Lily, I’ve tried everything. I’ve practically prostituted myself all over the Internet and nothing.” She said. Lily’s eyes widened and she laughed at her friend.
“Girl, you are too funny. What you need is a marketing expert” She said.
“What I need is a sugar daddy to pay for a marketing expert” Lisa said rolling her eyes and taking a sip of her coffee. Lily laughed at her friend again.
“That’s the last thing you need” Lily said looking Lisa dead in the eye. “You just need to do some social networking” she finished.
“What the hell do I know about social networking” Lisa shot back.
“You’re on social networking sites all the time Lisa, put it out there. If you’ve prostituted yourself all over the Internet like you say you have, then you should have no problem finding someone who can help you on one of the sites your on” Lily told her matter-of-factly. Lisa sat there and thought about it for a minute. It made sense, she figured with all the different sites she was on, the several hundred friends on each site and the fact that she was active on each site that there had to be somebody somewhere that could help her. The girls finished their coffee, said their goodbyes and Lisa headed home to see if she could find her marketing guru.
When she got home, Lisa got on the computer and went to her favorite social networking site. She sat there looking at her page. It was filled with the faces of her family members, friends and complete strangers. She wondered if any of them could or would help her. She looked at the status bar. It said ‘what’s on your mind?’ So she began to type. She typed a simple phrase “I need help.” She sat there looking at it for a minute figuring she was wasting her time and then figured what the hell and hit the send button. It was done. Now all she could do was wait and see.
About twenty minutes later, she got a message from one of her friends, his name is Mark and he lived in California. Mark and Lisa had been friends online for a little over six months. They had chatted, emailed, text each other and talked on the phone. Their phone conversations had even turned sexual a few times as neither of them was dating anyone.
Lisa liked Mark except for the fact that at times he was needy and demanding. She chalked that up to being a guy thing. He was easy to talk to, they had a lot of things in common and they could share intimate details of their lives as they were virtual strangers. She thought he was pretty cute and he is always telling her how pretty she was. He asked her what she needed help with and she told him.

“Did I never mention, during all this time that I’m a marketing genius?” He typed.
“No you did not!” She replied. “Or I would have been picking your brain this entire time!” She continued. Mark asked her what her idea was and the two of them got into a lengthy chat about it. He told her it would take some time but that he was sure he could turn her idea into a success. Lisa was more than happy to hear that.

The next day Lisa’s phone rang and it was Mark.
“Hi hot stuff, “Mark said making Lisa giggle.
“Hi yourself,” Lisa replied. “To what do I owe the honor?” She asked.
“Oh I don’t know,” he said with a sigh. “I was just thinking, I need a vacation, you need my help and I’ve never been to Ohio before so…” He said his voice trailing off. Lisa was kind of shocked by what she thought she had just heard. Had he just offered to fly halfway across the country to help her out?
“What’s it going to cost me?” She asked.
“Nothing you silly woman,” he said as she could almost see the wheels turning in his head. “Other then you’ll need to show me where the good restaurants are, take me to do some sightseeing, things like that” he finished.
“I can do that,” Lisa told him. “When can you be here?” She asked.
“Is day after tomorrow too soon?” He asked.
“It’s perfect,” she said. “Call me with your itinerary and I’ll pick you up at the airport” she told him.
“Looking forward to it sweet thing” he said as he chuckled and hung up the phone. Lisa hung up the phone and found herself wondering just how far she’d go to make her business idea a success. She figured she find out in a couple of days.


Two days later at precisely ten AM she picked markup from the airport and took him to his hotel. Mark set his bags down and threw his card key onto the table before turning to look at Lisa. Lisa had already crossed the room to where Mark was standing.
“I have an idea,” Lisa said as she slid her hand up Mark’s chest onto his shoulder. “Since I have no money to pay you with and I know that you have some, let’s just call them,’ fantasies’ that you have no one to play out with, what do you say, we use the barter system?” She said as she traced her hand around his shoulder and across his back she walked around him. “It’s not like I don’t know that you find me attractive,” she said continuing to trace along his shoulder until she was facing him again. “You’ve had a tent pitched in your pants since I picked you up at the airport” she giggled casting her eyes down to the floor. She looked back up at him, her eyes meeting his, seeing the he was searching her face, may be wondering if she was kidding. “What do you say?” She asked as she walked over to the bed, lay on her back, slid over to the edge and started unbuttoning her blouse exposing the red lace bra she had chosen especially for him.
“I say that sounds like a wonderful idea” Mark said as he began to undress. When he finished undressing, he walked over and stood over Lisa with his fully erect cock dangling above her mouth which was perfectly positioned at the edge of the bed. Lisa smiled at him, arched her head back and licked the tip of his rock hard member. Mark shuddered as he could only imagine what was to come. Lisa scooted herself further back on the bed to where her head was hanging off the edge. Mark took this as his sign and moved in to where the tip of his cock rested on her warm, moist lips.
“Mmmm, yes daddy that’s right where I want it” she said as she ran her tongue up one side and down the other of his throbbing shaft. Mark reached down to touch the soft swell of her breast as she took all of him into the wet confines of her mouth. He wasn’t huge, but he was by no means small so she had no problem taking every inch of him. Mark had her just where he wanted her and proceeded to slowly fuck her mouth as he caressed her breasts and played with her now hardening nipples. A slight moan escaped Lisa’s throat.
“You like that baby girl?” Mark asked as he continued to fuck her mouth. Lisa slid her tongue down the side of his raging hard on, swirled it around the tip and withdrew him from her mouth.
“Yes daddy, more than you’ll ever know” she panted. She quickly went back to sucking him. He went right back to letting her. It wasn’t long after that Lisa felt his balls tighten and knew he was getting ready to cum. She slid her mouth off of him, moved up onto the bed and motioned to him to come to her. She slipped off her skirt revealing her matching red panties and the wet spot he had created.
“I want you to feel me daddy, I want to see what you’ve done to me and then I want you to fuck the shit out of me daddy” she said with a smile. She spread her legs and laid her hand on her panty clad mound.
“Oh I can do that baby girl” he said as he climbed up onto the bed.
“Then do it daddy” Lisa begged. Mark traced along the inside of her panties at her outer lip with the tip of his finger.
“Beg me baby girl” he ordered her. She smiled up at him, her big blue eyes wide with anticipation.
“Please daddy, I can’t wait anymore” she said wiggling her hips, trying to get him to slide his finger closer to her slit.
“More” he said pulling his finger away.
“Daddy, please, I want you so badly! Please!” she whimpered with a pout now forming on her lips. That pout was all it took for Mark to reach up and remove her panties. He did it slowly, methodically as she wiggled and tried to make him hurry.
“Slow down baby girl, daddy’s coming” he said as he tossed her panties to the floor. He spread her legs apart and moved in to where the head of his aching cock rubbed against her sopping wet clit. She was so hot, so wet, and so fucking eager. She clamped herself onto the head of his cock and smiled at him. He bent down and slowly entered her.
“Is this what my baby wants?” he asked as he stroked her slowly and gently.
“Yes daddy, yes” she breathed hoarsely into his ear. She couldn’t help but cum as he hit her clit with each pass. Mark picked up his pace; Lisa dug her nails into his shoulders and wrapped her long, tanned legs around his waist. He fucked her deep, he fucked her hard and just as she came again, so did he. Spent and soaked, Mark rolled off of her and lay next to her on the bed.
“If your business idea is half as good as the fucking you just provided, you’re going to be a millionaire my dear” he told her. Lisa smiled, turned to him and rose up on one elbow.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet” she said with a wink.



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  1. William Craig

    Dear Leanna:
    Well, since you do not read erotic stories, you must gain your sensual stories you compose by dreaming or doing. Keep up the great work.
    William Craig

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