!Calling All Bloggers!

I am calling all bloggers to ask for a favor…

What I need…A review from you of my book “Killing the Desire” to be released by Eternal Press on February 1, 2013. I would need you to read this X Rated erotic thriller and post a review of it on your blog ASAP.

What you get…Not only eternal thanks from a starving artist but traffic directed to your site from every site I am on including Eternal Press’s sites including the author blogs! I will blast your blog’s links all over the world and back…several times! Be the review good, bad or ugly!

All you have to do is send me an email at leannaharrow@gmail.com with “I’d LOVE to” in the subject line. I’ll attach a pdf version of the book for you and then you email me when you have finished the book, with the link to your blog…simple and it would really help me out!

Thanks again for stopping by and for your time and consideration!



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4 responses to “!Calling All Bloggers!

  1. tallulahrose

    Count me in….xxx

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