How Awesome Is THIS Review!

Review by
Linda Hays-Gibbs of
“Killing the Desire”
By Leanna Harrow
ISBN 978-1-61572-8626
Heat Rating 4
Genre Erotica/Sub Genre
This mystery starts off with a murder. Rose Harlow’s mother Rebecca is brutally murdered and her oldest daughter is left to deal with it and her three siblings.
Her bitterness against her father and all men make it very hard for her to admit to any feelings other than rage. She is a beautiful hard nosed woman determined to become a lawyer and later a judge to prosecute the bad guys. This character is full fleshed and very human. You find yourself rooting for her all the way. She’s a scraper and a survivor.
Dave Mason is the mouth watering man that walks into Rose’s life as the detective sent to find her mother’s murderer. His fascinating green gorgeous eyes and hard body is just too temptable  for Rose and she propositions him right off the bat. He complies and they are launched into a torrid love affair. He is all any woman could ask far but then a hint of suspicion hatches and Rose is off on a tangent.
I won’t give away any more of this engrossing tale.  Read it. You’ll love it.
This story is captivating with great characters and a heated and hot heroine.
It may make you want to turn the air conditioner on, even in winter but its a moving tale of discovery too. I loved it. I give The author five stars out of five  and await the next story with  great anticipation.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Author: Eternal Press/  Damnation Books and
Reviewer TRR

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