For YOUR Review…

I love a book that can make me make me do three things…

1. Identify with the characters
2. Make me feel for the characters

3. Make me want to read more from the author
Autumn Leaves by Barbara Winkes did all of the above and more.
I pride myself on being open minded. I was instantly drawn into this book. The fact that the two main characters, women from very different worlds, find each other and become more than friends made me very comfortable because of the authors style of writing. She maked it easy for me to identify with the characters. I felt every known feeling while reading this story; empathy, sympathy, anger, sorrow, longing, love, disdain, you name it, I felt it. To me, those are the makings of an awesome story and well rounded characters.
I could see myself in many roles contained within this book. The busy soccer mom, the young woman desperate to be loved, the jilted spouse, the friend that should have been there but wasn’t. jJst about every character that Ms. Winkes wrote, I at some point, have been. that fact, made the story that much more endearing. The fact that she threw in real life drama and despair, made it even better, if possible.
I cannot wait to read more from Ms. Winkes as she has gained a lifelong fan! I give Autumn Leaves 5 out of 5 stars and more than highly recommend it…it’s a MUST read!
Leanna Harrow
Eternal Press Author


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2 responses to “For YOUR Review…

  1. What a great cover too. This sounds like a book I would love as well. You did such a good job describing it. Wonderful blog.

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