A Letter To YOU….

A Letter to my friends near and far..

I may not know much about you but I do know this. If you needed me to listen, I would be there. I would not expect the same from you, but you would always be able to count on me as that is just the person I am.

I do not judge you for what you think, who you love, what you do or how you are. That is not my job in this life. My job is to love you, unconditionally as that is just the person that I am.

We are human. If I were to cut you, you would bleed the same color red as I. If you were to cry, your tears would contain the same salt as mine. If I were to see you hurt, my heart would ache for you as that is just the person I am.

We are only here for a short period of time. In that time, I would rather laugh than cry, talk than yell, smile than frown and help then hinder as that is just the person I am.

I am your friend as that is the person I am and that I hope to always be. Thank you for being a friend to me.



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2 responses to “A Letter To YOU….

  1. Karen

    Very well said! There is so much hate in the world today but i would rather LOVE than hate.

    • Yes Karen, I completely agree…it’s not about religion, race, or orientation….it’s about love. Unconditional love, there needs to be a lot more of it. I love you and thank you for reading 😉

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