A Tease of The Next Tease….Bwahahaha

Okay Ladies…Hang On To Your…..er….Hat’s 

THIS is the NEXT Today’s Tease

2013 Official Alpha Male Underwear Image Model John QuinlanCover Model John Quinlan

Stay tuned for his awesome interview and Many, Many more HOT photo’s!!!!


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10 responses to “A Tease of The Next Tease….Bwahahaha

  1. Hahaha, Leanna, Told you not too smooth please. Where’s all his hair! I mean, the shaven head, okay, but the rest! Where’s the rest!
    But he’s cute, a bit buff, but cute.

  2. So dang fun.
    -R.T. Wolfe

    • hehehe….YOU think it’s fun lol I get to preview the pics and he sent me a BUNCH of them…I’m going to really enjoy this one! Make sure you really get this out to your friends! Hey…if you know anyone in the industry..photographers, models, writers, editors, anyone in the publishing industry…send them my way for an interview…it’s great promotion…I have over 10,000 followers. That’s not a lot but that number keeps growing every day because of people like you 😉 Enjoy!

  3. I’m an author and John is a really good guy. He’s coming to Philly in August so we can do a photo shoot for my new fitness book that will be out in 2014. I look forward to meeting him in person. Good luck with your book.

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