Today’s Tease…the Ultimate Tease…Leanna Harrow!

****I have a new release coming out tomorrow so as a celebration…I’m interviewing…ME, MYSELF &I…well…Me & Myself anyway…I is looking for something sweet ;)****Leanna Harrow Logo 2 (1)

Your Name or Pen Name you use:  Well, no secret to anyone who pays attention…my real name is…drum roll please…. Leah Tate

Title of the book you are promoting:  All of them of course 😉 but Especially “A Beautiful Liar” Book One of the Maggie West Series…as I am…Maggie 😉 sort of… 😉

 Link to purchase your Book:

 Genre:  Erotica

Welcome LT…I, LH have some questions for you 😉 

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

LT: Funny, I wanted to be all of those things too but I also wanted to be a journalist, a psychologist and someone who got paid to jump out of airplanes but didn’t want to go into the military 😉 As you who know, our father was a POW in Korea for 2 years and 6 days and as we love ALL Military past, present and future…We didn’t want to get captured because that would have been BAD news for the enemy 😉 We’ve always had a strange desire to figure out how the mind works, especially ours as we have a serious fascination with the mind of serial killers…I know..We’re not right. We’ve always been extremely curious and somewhat of a risk taker in our younger years 😉

LH: I didn’t really have a literary influence, I just decided one day to start writing. Who influenced you in your writing career?

LT: I don’t write dip shit…you do, I do everything else! (That was our daddy’s favorite thing to call us “dip shit” lol. We loved our dad; he was just too funny 😉

LH: Jeeze LT! Work with me here, you always have to be such a wise ass! Now please, people are going to start thinking we’re crazy! Act like this is an interview! Please! As an Indie Author, I was hesitant about being with a publishing company. If you are an Indie author, would you like to be published by a traditional publisher and if so, why or why not?

LT: Start? Um you’re interviewing yourself…Again..hello dip shit, we are one in the same! But, our story about being “discovered” is pretty cool 😉 *laughs at LH and sticks her tongue out*

LH: This is easy for me…I’d invite Johnny Depp and I would not discuss movies! Who would you invite to dinner, living or dead, and what one topic would you NOT discuss with them?

LT: Well, okay, if we want to get serious, Johnny Depp because well, he’s Johnny freaking Depp, Mariska Hargatay because she’s freaking awesome and Ted Bundy. Now, here’s my thinking. I’d have the most amazing actor to look at…the most beautiful, bad ass detective on TV to protect me and the most fascinating serial killer to probe…and there would definitely be some serious probing going on *wicked evil grin* and we would not discuss what took place at that dinner…I know, I’m just not right.

LH: I personally think that there is way too much sex and violence everywhere in society these days and that Hollywood is one of the biggest offenders. It’s kind of ironic as we’re in the business of selling sex and violence. Ever feel conflicted?

LT: Hmmm conflicted…Of course! It’s not only Hollywood, it’s the media in general but it’s also called parental control. We, as parents, don’t have a lot of control anymore. My parents made us go outside and play. My grandmother would make me go out and cut my own switch for a whipping! No need to say, I was a good little girl *wink* No TV, computers, tablets and cell phones all damn day. We lost parental control when we weren’t allowed to spank our kids and make them go outside and play anymore. *can just hear it now…as she laughs out loud* Ironic isn’t it?

LH: I’m a huge softy and by no means a beauty queen… lol but, I truly would want world peace in the blink of an eye if I could make it happen…If you could change one thing in the world, in the blink of an eye, what would it be?

LT: You have never seen your outer beauty…you have always seen your inner beauty but you have never seen what other people see…you have serious issues! You lost 100 pounds and still see “her” in the mirror? Seriously! Wake up woman! You are too critical for your own good! Pfffft I would have to agree with world peace, everything good in life begins with forgiveness *waves the Beauty Queen wave*

LH: I can remember wanting to write as a kid. I got a really late start! Have you always wanted to write and when did you start?

LT: I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it’s starting to sound like I’m talking to myself 😉

LH: I love to see if I can see myself in a character. What interests you most about a story?

LT: I have to see myself in the main character. I also must like the plot. I like to be left with the “I so did not see that coming!” feeling.

LH: For me, I just get hit with this whole movie in my head and start writing. How do you come up with your stories?

LT: You and that silly head of yours *winks at self*

LH: I can’t tell you or I’d have to…lol Are you working on anything now?

LT: Oh come on now…it’s not like it’s a secret! I know what you’re working on and you haven’t killed me….yet…

LH: I’m working on #6…3 are published and the other 3 are due out this year… How many books have you written? How many have been published?

LT: Again…talking to myself *as she sighs, starts whistling and squirming in her seat as she is getting restless!*

LH: I write for fun I don’t even dream of riches…Do you write for fun or money?

LT: I’m with you sister…don’t need riches…we live on the love we can see in the world…it’s getting harder to get by each day 😉

LH: Some of my family members had a bit of a problem with me writing my first book “A Beautiful Liar” because the character Maggie West is basically me…to a point 😉 They had a problem with the genre and me “putting it all out there” so to speak so I took a pen name. They eventually came around as I have never cared who knows who I am what I’ve done or what they think of me. I’ve never wanted to be famous, just infamous! What has been your biggest problem when it comes to family or friends when writing?

LT: Yes, I know…The problem came from one of the 4 children…She thought that her friends would disapprove of  her because of what we had done and what we’d had to do previously in life and judge her for it. We told her “If your friends judge you for the sins of your mother…they are NOT your friends. Your true friends will stand beside you no matter what. If they walk away, you know they were never your friends in the first place.” She got over it real quick. We have AWESOME kids 😉 But really, what did you expect when you used your back story to a naughty novel?

LH: I have never experienced writers block…I have experienced writers “ddon’twant to”… Have you ever experienced writers block and if so, how did you overcome it?

LT: OMG…You come up with some good ones…”Writers don’t want to” I love that…that’s exactly what we get…and we get over it, when we get over it. Hopefully if we ever have to deal with writers block we can go back over this awesome blog and take the tips from the other amazing authors have left for us and put them to use…because we’re smart like that 😉

LH: I get asked all the time “Do you have any advice for new writers?”… Do you?

LT: My advice is JUST DO IT! Life is too short not to follow your dreams…

LH: I would not change one thing in my life as I would not be me if I did… If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

LT: I truly believe that if I had not walked every single step of the path that is my life, I would not be who and where I am today and I like this place I call my life…I would not change one second..Not one crazy, happy, sad, angry, wild, scary, abusive, destructive, joyous, amazing second… I can’t wait to see what’s next!

LH: If I could go back in time and tell someone something, I’d go back and tell the founding fathers they were doing a few things wrong…If you could go back in time and tell someone something, who would you tell and what would you tell them?

LT: Yeah…that’s because you’re so funny and not the least bit political…You’d go back and tell your father that you love him and that he was your hero no matter how flawed he was. You came to realize your “daddy issues” after he died and that bugged you for a long time…You can’t pull that crap with me! You’d probably tell him to tell your mom you loved her too because you have forgiven them both and just want to reiterate that…you reiterate way too much! *winks at self*

LH: I would freak out if someone contacted me and said they wanted to make one of my books or my series of book into a movie as I am really very shy in person and I’d probably go into hiding. I don’t think I could handle it. How would you handle it? Who would be the first person you told?

LT: You and I would hire an entertainment attorney, cash the check and then head off into the sunset to write in obscurity…never to be seen again unless we were accidentally spotted because we really are… painfully shy 😉

 Just for you…Cause you’re special 😉

Turn on’s?

Honesty: I’d rather hurt and be hurt with the truth than a lie any day

Exotic looking men: Came into that late in life but WOWZA

Certain smells: Scented candles, coffee, some aftershave…I’m the one you’ll find in those aisles just standing there with my eyes closed inhaling…*sighs just thinking about it now*

Random acts of Kindness: They just melt my heart!

Turn off’s?

Liars: Been there, done that and wrote a book on it 😉

Judgmental people: That’s not our job in this life

Organized Religion: I have lots of  issues 😉

That’s pretty much it…

Oh other than…keep your eye on this blog for other WAY more interesting guests than us 😉

Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Sweet Iced Tea

Exercise or Bubble Bath? Bubble Bath…DETEST exercise with a passion..obviously..duh

Favorite Color? Any shade of blue

Take out or Dine in? Not a big eater but would rather eat Alice Springs Chicken at The Outback

Camping or Hotel? Hotel…I wouldn’t camp if my life depended on it…they’d just have to shoot me!

Sports or Chocolate? Is chocolate eating a sport? If not it should be but it’s most certainly chocolate…

Dogs or Cats? I am deathly afraid of dogs…cat’s are strange and unusual like me…so neither.but I have a cat… lol

Favorite Food? Again…repeating myself… Alice Springs Chicken from the Outback

Favorite Song? OMG! That’s like asking me Sex or Chocolate! I am a lover of music so I am going to say ALL OF THEM and I especially LOVE Bruno Mars…mmm mmm! This week it’s “Slut Like You” by Pink LOVE IT!

Favorite Movie? What’s with the tough questions Barbara Walters? You said fun! The first two Hangover movies…the last one SUCKED, A Fish Called Wanda, Raising Arizona, The Raven, Miss Congeniality, The Notebook… just way too many to list

Favorite Car? 65-67 Ford Mustang Shelby GT’s…It’s a Jeans creamer!

Sex or Chocolate? (The answer “Both” is totally acceptable 😉 Well duh…BOTH 😉 preferably with sex before, during and after 😉

All authors may not be crazy but there is now proof..I am 😉 Now for the essay part of the interview 😉

If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

LT: I would go by MYSELF to exotic lands where the men are brown and beautiful with dark eyes and smoldering good looks. I would blow their minds, imaginations and other things while I was there and come home…exhausted… I’ve never been on vacation and I hear you’re supposed to come home exhausted 😉

Get your copies of

Killing the Desire

A Beautiful Liar~Book One of the Maggie West Series

A Collection of Short Stories by Leanna Harrow from the Fun to the Fearsome

Maggie’s Men coming in August 2013


Maggie’s Misery in November 2013

at my Authors Page…


FINAL A Beautiful Liar Cover_200x300_dpi72"Killing The Desire" Cover ArtEPMaggiesMenBookCover_Draft

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  1. merdeomerde

    This is the best, most entertaining interview I’ve ever read…I’d watch again, er’ I mean read again. Oh and I got hard when you called out the Shelby GT…?8^p
    Eating chocolate is a sport when shared with a team-mate…spreadable chocolate that is.
    End note: exhausted after vacation is a must.

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