Another Blog Nomination….I am…Honored ;)

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a nomination for this award through my dear friend Lucy Pireel. She never disappoints when she posts on her blog. Each and every post of hers has me smiling and/or thinking deep thoughts on the subject she chooses

She is not only a talented blogger–more than worthy to receive this award–but first and foremost a most intriguing writer and–not entirely unimportant–a woman I’m proud to be able to call my friend. She’s awesome! I mean she always backs up her words with deeds and would never ever intentionally do anything to hurt anyone, yet does all she can to help those in need. Her guidance and words of encouragement truly touch my heart…

So, thank you dear Lucy for nominating me and I do hope that each and every reader of this post will take a few moments to pop over to your blog and check out for themselves why I care for your friendship the way I do. But most of all to see for themselves that what you write is worth reading.


Rules of The Verstile Blogger Award, should you choose to accept it.  

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate fifteen bloggers for this award.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so they get notified by pingback.

 Seven Things About Leanna harrow
1. I never cook or bake using a recipe…I do it all from memory because I’ve been doing it for a hundred years 😉
2. My name is Leanna Harrow and I’m a chocoholic…
3. I love to practice random acts of kindness and encourage everyone I can do to them as well 🙂
4. I have 4 of the most awesome kids (and grand kids) on the planet! I love you guys!!
5. I want to skydive, drive the autobahn and go on one of the worlds scariest roller coasters just because I LOVE SPEED!
6. I learned the key to inner peace two years ago…it’s forgiveness. There is nothing like it in the world and I recommend it to everyone!
7. I discovered late in life that I have a thing for exotic men…mmm mmm mmm 😉
I follow so many blogs that deserve this nomination that choosing them was excruciating. If I had my way, I’d choose you all.
Being that I can’t, these are my nominations in no particular order:


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5 responses to “Another Blog Nomination….I am…Honored ;)

  1. Congrats Leann! I have to confess, I have trouble sticking to recipes too. It’s more fun when you get to induldge your creative side a bit. 😉

    And thanks for the nomination. ^^

  2. Thanks…leannaharrow…and concartzz

  3. Hello there! I simply would like to give you a
    huge thumbs up for the excellent information you have here on this post.
    I’ll be returning to your website for more soon.

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