Now if this isn’t…

Now if this isn’t a glowing review…I don’t know what is 😉

Title:  A Beautiful Liar
Author:  Leanna Harrow
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
Genre: Erotica Contemporary/Heat level (HOT)

Hot! Hot! Burning Up!
Maggie West has an unhappy past with men.  They abused, molested, raped, lied and deserted her. The thing she found themost offensive though was lying. She had decided to give up on men forever.

However; she decided to try an online dating service.  It could be safe and she knew all men were liars anyway. She responded to this handsome blonde and got a response. She knew he had to be a beautiful liar because all men were liars. His response was very interesting and he asked for a webcam but he couldn’t show himself because his laptop was in the shop. She knew he was lying so she broke it off and swore to never speak to him again.
Later, she felt guilty and decided that she was unfair and everyone deserves a second chance. She told him she was sorry but he had to never tell her another lie. He agreed and he wasn’t a blonde but not a bad looking fellow.
Things progressed and before she knew it they were having all kinds of steamy sex all the time online.

She decided she was in love and had to meet him overseas and have some real time hands on physical steamy sex.Maggie tells her family she is going to have a vacation and leaves to continue her torrid affair.I will not tell you what happens but it is very different than you would expect. I suggest.. no…I totally recommend that you run don’t walk to buy this book. It has some serious issues it addresses and some very hot steamy physical bits. I found myself laughing at the way the heroine laughs at herself and her own personality.

It is a definite sexy jaunt.
I gave it Five Stars out of Five. Just a word of warning to the readers. Turn the AC up and put the fan on you  and get a large glass of ice tea before you settle down to read this book.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Author and Reviewer with The Romance Reviews

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