Me, Myself & I

Me: Fucking Facebook put me in jail for sending messages? Seriously?
Myself: Calm down now, it’s not like it’s actual jail which I could totally see you being put in with how irrational you get at times!
I: Do they have cake in jail?
Me: Shut up I. Any hey Myself…It’s a wonder I’m not in real jail having to put up with the two of you in my head all the time!
Myself: We are merely the ones that keep you sane you idiot..without us, you would be locked up in prison or in an asylum!
I: I need some cake…or a cookie…maybe a piece of candy?
Me: For fucks sake! When a person cannot send messages, friend people and be social on a social website…I say it’s time to rise up against the powers at be and do something about it!
Myself: My God, I’ve GOT to do something drastic…
I: I sure hope it’s candy…
Me: Eye candy…Oh yeah…that helps!

3-4 naked man


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2 responses to “Me, Myself & I

  1. Karen

    That was sooo funny!! Not the being thrown in FB jail part…i meant the convo you had with myself and I.

    • Oh wait…I have more…I’m going to make a page for them 😉 I’m a “wing nut” lol Glad you like that I fight with myself…I do it all the time lol xoxoxo

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