Me, Myself & I

Me: Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!

Myself: Oh my God, now what?

I: I know! I  know!

Me: You always think you know what’s wrong with me I! You have no clue…neither of you do or there’d be NOTHING wrong with me!

Myself: Well, if you ask me, I think your suffering from pre-menopausal hormone swings…

I: Oh SNAP! You did NOT just say that to HER! *goes over and cringes in the corner*

Me: Well, I didn’t ask you and who gave you a fucking MD Myself? I’m a Gemini…I’ve always been moody and besides, did you ever think that if you and I would shut up and let me think clearly and sleep once in a while I might not be such a raving lunatic? Hmmm…did you??

Myself: Exactly my point my dear…You don’t sleep, you don’t eat right, you don’t get out enough, you cry at the drop of a hat, you have become introverted to the point that it’s becoming scary…You really should see someone about it. That is just my opinion of course, it’s not rocket science, you are middle aged now you know.

I: Oh God..Oh God..Oh God *repeats continually with her hands over her ears*

Myself: Wow…Middle Aged…I hadn’t thought about it that way…and Menopause…Jesus..that would explain a lot…It isn’t rocket science is it?…I’m sorry Myself and I…maybe I should listen to you guys more often…But could you two please do me a favor and SHUT UP once in a while??? PLEASE…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! 😉




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2 responses to “Me, Myself & I

  1. Karen

    Ya know, Leaanna, there has to be a way to turn these conversations with Me, Myself, and I into some kind of funny novel. It just cracks me up when i read these!

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