Me, Myself & I…

Me: *Humming*

Myself: What’s she doing?

I: I…I think she’s..she’s humming!

Myself: She’s what?

I: Oh My God! Seriously…are you going to start repeating yourself again? I said…she’s HUMMING!

Myself: What’s that smell????

I: Wait! I know that smell!

Myself: So do I! It’s Poison!

I: * shrieks*

Myself: The perfume you idiot! Wait…What’s that she’s eating???

I: Oh…the perfume…Wait…she’s eating???

Myself: For crying out loud, what do you do all day? Sit around trying to stay inside the lines with your coloring crayons? YES she’s eating! She’s eating CAKE!


Myself: We don’t need CAKE!!

I: Wait! When did We get here?

Me: OMG! I can’t even enjoy one day a year with you two around 😉



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4 responses to “Me, Myself & I…

  1. That is one fine looking cake. My My My.

  2. Must agree, fine looking cake, my voices wish I would bake one for them, but nope, They don’t gain weight, nor have high cholesterol.

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