Me, Myself & I…

Me: OMG!

Myself: What now?

I: It’s always something with her…

Me: The grand kids! One screaming because she can’t stay the night, the other two because they can and the baby because he’s in unfamiliar surroundings!!! It’s going to drive me insane! Then, of course, like an idiot, I go and haul that baby around all day yesterday, knowing my back..Now, it’s KILLING me!

Myself: Didn’t I tell you throughout the day that you were overdoing it?

I: Don’t start in on her again…it never ends well and you know it!

Me: Yes, I heard you but what? Was I supposed to let him run into the street when his daddy was unloading the stuff for his birthday party from the car? Was I supposed to let him do a header off the step onto the concrete when he was going out the back door? I mean seriously…I did raise four of those things ya know!

Myself: Ah…yes you did…Twenty eight years ago when you were in much better shape! Besides, it’s not your job to “raise” them. It’s your job to love and spoil them. Their parents are watching them, even if you don’t think they are watching them closely enough. Besides, they are tough enough to take a few knocks…look how well your kids turned out and God knows…They took a few good ones! You need to just chill and let their parents deal with them when they come over. You are not the Wonder Woman you used to be…

I: Awe shit…Here it comes!

Me: God I hate it when I’m right 😦


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