Me, Myself & I…

Me: OMFG!!!

Myself: Oh Jesus…NOW what?

I: I don’t know this time, I was taking a nap…*yawns and stretches*

Me: Fucking FB Nazis put me in jail again! This time it’s “like” jail…I LIKED too many COMMENTS on a post ABOUT ME!!!

Myself: Oh Lord! Here we go!

I: Just let her go…there’s no use trying to stop her. *Rubs her eyes and then covers her ears*

Me: For the love of GOD! It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA for a reason! I mean, we build a profile…we add friends…we build relationships…we post shit all day long and NOW they want to throw us in jail for “liking” to many DAMN comments? Unfuckingreal I tell you! I guess it’s time for another letter blasting the idiots over there, telling them that were going to go through our list of authors, friends and family and form a formal protest, taking them to another SOCIAL MEDIA SITE like oh, I don’t know…TAGGED or somewhere that will actually let you do things like make comments, like statuses and posts and shit like that without having to worry about the Gestapo, LOCKING you up for FB jail, for FB only knows how long!!! I’m SICK of having my privileges taken away from me as I AM THEIR PRIVILEGE for if it weren’t for me, my friends, my author friends and my family, they wouldn’t be making their MILLIONS in ADVERTISING EVERY FUCKING MONTH!!! Maybe I’ll just create my own site where there is no such thing as JAIL!! *Stands on the table readies herself for the march on FB headquarters*

Myself: Are you finished?

I: I’ll bet on… no

Me: For the moment…*as she jumps down off the table and goes back to the keyboard*

FB Jail


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