Me, Myself & I…

Me: Well: The boys gone again…
Myself: Why do you call him that? You’re always calling him that…”the boy”…it drives me crazy!
I: *whispers* It’s what her daddy used to call him because he was the first boy…
Me: I can hear you dip shit
Myself: Again with the swearing?
I: *whispering again* It’s what her daddy used to call her…
Me: I can still hear you dip shit!
Myself: I know you’re upset about him leaving but it’s not going to do you any good to be ugly to us. Besides, he’ll be back home, for good, in November…
I: *mumbles* Oh great, call her names and then try to reason with her…
Me: That does not comfort me. It’s like watching a part of your heart walk away each time he leaves. Do you have any idea how hard that is? Watching him go and not know if he’ll ever be back for sure, just hoping, praying and waiting for the day he will? Do you have any idea?
Myself: Of course I do…dip shit
I: Well played!



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