Me, Myself & I…

Me: Oh man…
Myself: Now what?
I: This is going to be good!
Me: I need something but I don’t know exactly what it is…
Myself: Food? Water? Sleep?
I: Cake? Please let it be cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!
Me: No, For God’s sake…it’s not cake…It’s more than just cake…I need a day off. A real day off…no kids, no grand kids, no computer, no phone…no technology at all! A spa day perhaps…
Myself: Oh, now that would be nice but you need to think bigger.
I: Can we have cake afterwards?
Me: No! Jesus…what is it with you and sweets all of a sudden? You want to gain back that 100 pounds? Shit woman!
Myself: Seriously, you and that mouth! There is nothing wrong with splurging once in a while, you hardly eat as it is. You really should take better care of yourself and you need more than just a “spa day” Might I suggest you get up, have breakfast, go get a mani-pedi, have a nice long massage…a minimum of 2 hours, have a nice lunch somewhere and then catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see? Then go play some pool and then perhaps…a late dinner?
I: Then…cake! OH…and…B.O.B!!
Me: Mmmmm…That does sound like the perfect day…
Myself: Do it…you owe it to yourself!
I: Just promise…CAKE! Don’t forget the cake!




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2 responses to “Me, Myself & I…

  1. Alright then! I’ll just eat cake, lol. As soon as the store opens thank you very much. lol I don’t usually go for cake but that one looks great!

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