Me, Myself & I…

Me: For Fuck’s Sake!
Myself: Lord woman, will you ever stop swearing?
I: Seriously? No…she won’t and you should know better than to ask stupid questions…you’re supposed to be the “smart” one. *shaking her head in disgust*
Me: No, I won’t and you need to just get off my back about it! Especially when I see all these people on FB bitching about the world and it’s fucked up state! They bitch, whine and complain all day long on FB but do you think for one minute that they have written a letter to their Congressman? Or their Legislator? Or the President for that matter? NO…They sit at their keyboard and bitch about it on FB like that’s going to do a damn bit of good! The only thing it’s bound to do is get them thrown in FB jail!
Myself: You’re right. It’s a sad day when people think things are going to change but they won’t do anything to change them.
I: That’s why I don’t vote…That…and you won’t let me…
Me: Politicians LIE to get elected. We, the sheeople, believe them and then are amazed when they don’t do what they promised on the campaign trail. It’s not rocket science. Politician=Liar. It’s been that way from the very beginning. It’s like it’s a rule and we’re surprised by it? Seriously people! WAKE UP! You want change? Write letters, organize protests, take it to the streets! TELL the government you’re not going to take it anymore…Don’t tell everyone on FB…that does NO good. It only causes stupid fights and pisses people like me off!
Myself: You’ve got a valid point…
I: That’s strange…you just said she has a valid point…there’s really something not right here…I feel another trip to FB jail in our near future and it will be for bitching about people bitching on FB! Oh the irony…



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