Me, Myself & I…

Me: My God what a last couple of days!
Myself: Yeah they have been kind of brutal…
I: I know…why don’t we have some chocolate cake, that will help!
Me: No, chocolate cake is not going to help anything. We need rest.
Myself: We do, but you’ve got so much to do. You need to finish that research project, you are three chapters behind on the book you’ve got a deadline on, your Today’s Tease folder is a mess. I could go on for hours…
I: She will go on for hours as soon as you lay down to go to sleep you know…
Me: I know, there’s only one way to shut her up so she’ll let me sleep…
Myself: You don’t play fair. Every time I start reminding you of what you need to do, you threaten me with that, that thing!…It’s just not right.
I: Yes it is, it’s the only way to get real, deep, undisturbed sleep! It’s the most beautiful sleep we get! She should do it every night just to shut you up!
Me: Well, if you didn’t wait until it was 1 am to remind me of everything I have to do and I got more done in a day…I wouldn’t have to break out the heavy artillery…
Myself: Who are you kidding…you love “the heavy artillery”
I: Oh God…I know I love it…break him out! You could break him out 4 times a day and never hear one complaint from me…DO IT…DO IT…DO IT!! *clapping as she sees me going after B.O.B.*

woman biting lips

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