I Just Bought…

I just bought the BEST razors EVER…

So can YOU


Don’t just take my word for it as I’ll never have to wax again…No more Brazilian for this girl!

via PC Weenies Blog


Are Shavings Worth It?

Absolutely. Dollar Shave Club delivers as advertised. I’m averaging $1.50 per cart with the Dollar Shave Club, versus $2.50 from a similarly branded Gillette Mach3. Billing occurs once a month, and the prices listed include shipping. You can cancel at any time, so there’s no pressure of commitment. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want to. This is the best thing to happen to my face (and wallet). Update: You can now opt to have the replacement razors mailed every other month in case you don’t shave so frequently. This is the option I went with.

Dollar Shave Club gets a solid thumbs up and earns the coveted 5 Bob Weiner rating.

Shave with confidence, boys.


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