Me, Myself & I…

Me: Can you believe that woman at the grocery store?
Myself: I know right!
I: So much for random acts of kindness.
Me: Oh no, I won’t let her sorry ass stop me!
Myself: I mean, all you did was give the cashier a dollar when she was short. There was no reason for her to say “Listen here Bitch…”
I: No, there wasn’t but your response was EPIC!
Me: *smiling that little smirk she smiles* Yeah “If by Bitch you mean Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and Honest, I’m all ears…anything else and you better back the fuck up!”
Myself: Did you see the look on her face! She didn’t know whether to shit or wind her watch!
I: Can we have some ice cream as a treat? I mean, you did a good deed…we should reward our self…
Me: I wanted to laugh when she picked up her bag and walked out without even so much as a thank you. It was hysterical!
Myself: What I thought was hysterical was the cute young guy in line behind you asking if he could have your number as he said he thought you were the most generous, brilliant badass he’d ever seen.
I: What I thought was even funnier was the way she politely shot him down! *giggling*
Me: Yeah well, I did it because I knew he only wanted to feel me up too…
Myself: Well, I know the cashier was impressed. She just gushed at how nice you were to do something so sweet for such a jerk. You really are a Bitch *smirking that smirk again*
I: That you are! Seriously, can we please have some ice cream now?

ice cream sundae



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2 responses to “Me, Myself & I…

  1. B.I.T.C.H. = Being In Total Control of Herself
    Boys, I’m Taking Charge Here.

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