Today’s Tease…Lorelei Bell

Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy a chat with Today’s Tease Lorelei Bell

Your Name or Pen Name you use:  Lorelei Bell

Title of the book you are promoting:  Spell of the Black Unicorn

 Link to purchase your Book:

Genre:  fantasy/mystery/romance (adult)

Welcome  ….I, LH have some questions for you 😉

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

LB: An actress, at first. Then I wanted to be an artist—and was for the first 21 years of life. After that I wanted to be an author.

LH: I didn’t really have a literary influence, I just decided one day to start writing. Who influenced you in your writing career?

LB: I didn’t get any encouragement from anyone. I too began writing. It was terrible writing, but I kept on going at it. Later on, merely other authors I read were encouragement enough.

LH: I self published all of my books and was then “discovered” by a publisher. Are you an Indie or published author?

LB: Both. Actually this book, Spell of the Black Unicorn was my self-published work—in paperback. That was back in 2008. It is now an eBook, just released in May of 2013. But also my vampire series (Sabrina Strong Series), the first three books have been published by a micro-publisher.

LH: As an Indie Author, I was hesitant about being with a publishing company. If you are an Indie author, would you like to be published by a traditional publisher and if so, why or why not?             

LB: Since I’m both, let me say that I know the downfalls for both. I would have loved to have been discovered by a large-house publisher, but that didn’t happen. Thus, when I look at self-publishing at this point, I like to have say in the cover, more control as to when it gets put out there and my royalties should be much better.

LH: This is easy for me…I’d invite Johnny Depp and I would not discuss movies!  Who would you invite to dinner, living or dead, and what one topic would you NOT discuss with them?

LB: I don’t know. That’s a tough one. Okay, maybe I’d like to have dinner with Dean Koontz. I think he would have me roaring with laughter. Not discussing publishers and movies.

LH: I personally think that there is way too much sex and violence everywhere in society these days and it’s everywhere but that Hollywood is one of the biggest contributors. Do you think that society as a whole is subjected to too much sex and violence and are you concerned about it? Ever feel conflicted and if so, why?

LB: Hahaha. I drive a transit bus for NIU, and see women parade themselves like hookers and some men like to advertise their underwear—don’t ask me why—and I’m sooo sick of having my eyes burned 5 days a week for 6 hours each.

Hollywood, yes they do contribute to the problem, but people pay money to see it. TV: HBO and other networks are bad too. I think its society as a whole. You can’t stop a train wreck.

I’m not conflicted with putting sex into my books, but it’s the how much and when, what and between who. I don’t read, nor do I write erotica.

LH: I’m a huge softy and by no means a beauty queen… lol but, I truly would want world peace in the blink of an eye if I could make it happen…If you could change one thing in the world, in the blink of an eye, what would it be?

LB: This will sound crazy, but if the Internet did not exist neither would I be published, but also, a lot of bad things wouldn’t be easy to do/attain, like how to build a bomb, buying child porno and so forth. 

LH: With the traditional bookstore becoming obsolete and everyone turning to buying books online, I don’t buy the hype that “the cover is everything”. How important do you think book covers are now that almost all shopping is done online?

LB: I’m not buying that bookstores won’t be around. I run into many people out there who want to hold a physical book. But I think the cover is important to catch the eye and make a person stop and look. The title, next and after that a riveting story line. So, yeah I’m in the cover is what grabs people’s attention. It does me.

LH: I can remember wanting to write as a kid. I got a really late start! Have you always wanted to write and when did you start?

LB: I began writing in my senior year in high school. I was born with a crayon in my hand. I was an artist before I wrote. I’ve been writing for 42 years, now.

LH: I love to see if I can see myself in a character. What interests you most about a story?

LB: I enjoy character-driven stories. If I can identify with a main character, then I’m hooked.

LH: For me, I just get hit with this whole movie in my head and start writing. How do you come up with your stories?

LB: They wake me up. They are in my head 24/7. My husband has gotten used to me being in another world, I guess, after 28 years together. But it’s like I’m the invisible person in the corner watching things going on, and I have to keep up with it. So glad when they made computers, it’s so much easier to write it all down.

LH: I can’t tell you or I’d have to…lol Are you working on anything now?

LB: OMG! Seventh novel in the Sabrina Strong series is my WIP. The fourth one is being beta read by two people. I’ve already got the cover for that one.

LH: I’m working on #6…3 are published and the other 3 are due out this year… How many books have you written? How many have been published?

LB: I don’t remember. Maybe I’ve written and finished 20 or more—one was 800 pages long. I had to rewrite it. I may take a look at that one someday.

LB: Four have been published to date.

LH: I write for fun I don’t even dream of riches…Do you write for fun or money?

LB: Money? What’s that? Obviously, if I’ve stuck with writing when I couldn’t get published for the first 30 years, then it must be for the fun of it. 🙂

LH: Some of my family members had a bit of a problem with me writing my first book “A Beautiful Liar” because the character Maggie West is basically me…to a point 😉 They had a problem with the genre and me “putting it all out there” so to speak so I took a pen name. They eventually came around as I have never cared who knows who I am what I’ve done or what they think of me. I’ve never wanted to be famous, just infamous! What has been your biggest problem when it comes to family or friends when writing?

LB: Believing in me/my writing. My husband, however, is 100% behind me. After that first one (Spell of the Black Unicorn) was printed and I had a book signing, they all must have come around. They buy the books as they become available, and tell me how good they are.

LH: I have never experienced writers block…I have experienced writers “don’t want to”… Have you ever experienced writers block and if so, how did you overcome it?

LB: No. Such. Thing. But when I’m stuck with what-comes-next, I rest. I take a break. I do something else. I take a walk. I watch TV. If ideas don’t come today, I know that they will tomorrow or the next day, and I just allow them to come. No sense in straining on the toilet, right?

LH: I get asked all the time “Do you have any advice for new writers?”… Do you?

LB: Interesting. A young lady got on my bus one day and said she wanted to write a book, she wanted it to be a movie. I’m like “whoa honey. You’ve gotta write something first.” It was all I could do to not discourage her. I told her to seek advice in the English department of the college. You have to be devoted to writing. It isn’t like a whim, it isn’t something to do when you’re bored. It’s a job and you have to treat it like one and sit in the chair and put something down, even if you don’t make money right away.

I guess what I’m saying is if it’s in you, if you are a writer, you’ll know soon enough once you begin writing. If you finish a novel or even a short story, rewrite it a number of times, then go have it critiqued or a beta reader point out things to you, and you go back and work on editing the crap out of it and not quit/give up—then, yeah, you get to wear the badge “Author in Progress”.

LH: I would not change one thing in my life as I would not be me if I did… If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

LB: I’m dyslexic. I would love to go back and change that. I might have gotten on with a large publishing house in my 20’s.

LH: If I could go back in time and tell someone something, I’d go back and tell the founding fathers they were doing a few things wrong…If you could go back in time and tell someone something, who would you tell and what would you tell them?

LB: Do you have an hour? Two?

LH: I would freak out if someone contacted me and said they wanted to make one of my books or my series of book into a movie as I am really very shy in person and I’d probably go into hiding. I don’t think I could handle it. How would you handle it? Who would be the first person you told?

LB: My husband would be first to know. He’d hear me screaming at the top of my lungs. I’d cry, jump up and down, I’d call everyone! (after signing contract, of course)

Thank you for that funny and entertaining interview…Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Coffee in the morning; iced tea or coffee midday; wine before dinner

Exercise or Bubble Bath? Bubble bath.

Favorite Color? lilac

Take out or Dine in? Depends on the restaurant.

Camping or Hotel? Hotel camping.

Sports or Chocolate? Hell, chocolate

Dogs or Cats? Apparently cats, have 3 adults and 4 just-born kittens

Favorite Food? Anything (especially when my husband makes it)

Favorite Song? “Paperback Writer” by the Beatles

Favorite Movie? “Love at First Bite”

Today’s Tease Lorelei Bell Cobra Mustang hissssss!

Today’s Tease Lorelei Bell (The answer “Both” is totally acceptable 😉 Both (Oh, God that got an interesting picture in my head!)

And now for the essay part of the interview 😉

If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

LB: A week? Are you kidding? Only one person??? Only a week????

I’d take my husband. We’d go back up to Glacier Montana, stay in a lodge and do some hiking, drive around… do we get some spending cash too???? I know, you’re disappointed. But my husband is everything to me, he’s my soul mate, and no one else can read my mind like he can.

LH: Is not disappointed…LH is envious 😉

Thank you for spending this time with us. Make sure to pick up your copy of Lorelei Bell’s

 Spell of the Black Unicorn at it’s discounted price of $1.99 through June, 16, 2013!


Spell of the Black Unicorn IV - web small picture of Nocturne Lorelei at my book signing 2013 April



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