Me, Myself & I

Me: God that key lime pie was good!
Myself: Glad you’re feeling better.
I: I am too…she let us have pie! Yay!
Me: I wasn’t feeling bad. I’m just sick of getting no help around here. I’m only one person you know…
Myself: You could have fooled me. You’ve been saying for years that you don’t need anyone’s help.
I: Especially no stinking man!
Me: I know right, that’s what I have B.O.B. for. He doesn’t leave clothes lying around, demand my time, bore me with stories I’ve heard a hundred times or not put things back in their place. I have you two for that! He just does his job and he does a damn good job at that!
Myself: What a lonely life that must be…
I: Oh Snap…you should have just left well enough alone, she was in a better mood and I know for a fact…she was gonna break out bob! Damn you!
Me: *winking* I still am…This girl doesn’t get lonely! 😉

vibrators can't mow the lawn



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3 responses to “Me, Myself & I

  1. Sometimes I wish I could…they are quite distracting 😉

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