Me, Myself & I…

Me: Those jackasses on FB only think they can silence me!
Myself: What have you done now?
I: She went all ninja on their asses!
Me: No, I simply made my own page where my friends and I can post whatever we want, promoting whatever we want, whenever we want. Censor me my ass!
Myself: Well, you know it will just be a matter of time before they find out and shut you down or throw you in FB jail…again.
I: Do we have any cookies?
Me: I dare them…I’ll write another dirty letter calling them Nazi’s and screaming about my First Amendment rights and then I’ll crop back up someplace else…like a bad weed, with all my friends in tow…fuck the fuckin fuckers!
Myself: That’s nice…such a lady.
I: Oh Snap…You did NOT just call her a lady! Yay…I found the cookies!

cho chip cookies


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