Due To…

Due to a scheduling error on my part…which doesn’t surprise me…There will be no Today’s Tease but it seems there was a good reason: I was going to need the day to grieve.

I found out yesterday that I lost my second ex husband in two years. I’ve managed to stay friends with all three of my ex husbands and the man that I didn’t marry for many years. I called my third ex and told him he’s next. He laughed at me and said I was being silly. I called the one I didn’t marry and told him I bet he was really glad now that he hadn’t married me. Again, I was told I was being silly. Humor is my way of coping.

I will tell you this. MEND fences. DON’T leave things unsaid. NEVER say things you don’t mean. They will come back to haunt you for sure.

Forgiving everyone that has ever hurt you and then forgiving yourself for allowing the hurt to happen  is the only way to true inner peace. You never have to forget but you do have to forgive.

Tell everyone that is important in your life, no matter how much or how little, what they mean to you, you never know if you’ll get the chance again. I’m just glad I had the chance last month.

Rest In Peace Tom Leonard Turner 4-7-55 to 6-10-13



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7 responses to “Due To…

  1. Aka Teraka

    Touching, moving, thought-provoking.

  2. Karen

    i’m so sorry for your loss Leanna! And you are absolutely right about forgiveness. Hanging onto old grudges and hate just eats one up. Forgive and move on.

    • Thank you Karen…and forgiveness is the only way to inner peace…it it’s the only thing I can teach people after love unconditionally and never judge others as you don’t know what they have, are or will go through…I’d be one happy girl…Thanks for reading. 😉

  3. So sorry for your loss. I’ve experienced some similar feelings, outlived 3 children, 2 wives (no exes). Quit looking for #3, what chance does she have? Kids have grown, now going from 3 Grands to 8 in very near future. I am sure they will keep me busy enough to limit down time to a minimum. Without love and forgiveness, I would not have been blessed enough to endure tragedies nor the wonderful feelings of joy brought to me by the thoughts of these new babies to be (2 sets of twins and a single). Thank you for sharing your feelings. My prayers are with you and your family, extendeds also.

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