Me, Myself & I…

Me: Jesus Christ help me, not another one!
Myself: I just can’t believe this..
I: *sobbing softly in the background*
Me: That’s two dead ex husbands in two years!
Myself: It’s like you’re a black widow or something
I: *wailing now*
Me: What? I didn’t kill anyone you idiot! The first one died of an overdose and this one died of an aneurysm in his stomach! Why the hell would you say that?
Myself: Because it’s how you feel
I: *trying to stifle the sobs*
Me: I do, I even called the third and told him he’s next! He just laughed at me and said I was being silly. I called the one before him and said I bet he was really glad that he didn’t marry me now!
Myself: I think you’re being a little overly dramatic don’t you?
I: *back to sobbing*
Me: No, it’s how I feel. I feel like the kiss of death right now. I feel like I’ll never get close to another person for fear of losing them. I know in my rational mind that death is a part of life but ‘common…this is ridiculous!
Myself: From listening to you most of the time, you don’t have a rational mind and that last statement did not earn you any points…
I: *sobbing subsiding*
Me: I just can’t take it…I’m going to make cookies and eat them until I throw up.
Myself: Great…Just what we need. I know someone that will be thrilled…
I: *sobbing again*

black widow



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4 responses to “Me, Myself & I…

  1. I love your conversations with yourself about yourself…errr umm I’m mean your conversations about things in your life or other life or fuck you know what I mean.
    Trying to figure out the three of you, lets see..
    Me; is the one everything happens to and I think likes cake
    Myself; is the devils advocate and likes cake
    I; cries all the time and likes cake

    Which one is the real you and do you all like cake?

    • lol…This is the easiest way for me to explain it to you..
      Me: Is Me, the me that is running all the time…trying to get through the day…do what I have to do and get it all done, remember what has to be done the next day, the rest of the week, deal with family, etc.
      Myself: She is the rational the rational part of me…the one that thinks she’s in charge, thinks she is the one with all the answers because ME is irrational most of the time…the one that is usually right and has no problem letting the others know it.
      I: I is the child in Me. She wants to play, argue and cause havoc. She is the sensitive one that wants something sweet at all times and gets me to give in and eat them like she did last night when I ate half a plate of chocolate chip cookies because I was grieving the death of my second ex husband in 2 years. She’s the one I like best 😉
      I hope that clears things up…they are all fun and unique in their own ways but trust me…Myself and I TRY to drive ME insane 😉 Watch for the book later this year!

  2. Wow, Leanna–I had no idea you were the kiss of death!

    That was terrible, I’m sorry–but I do like the way you deal with it.

    • lol…That’s the only way I can deal with anything…a spoonful of sugar? No..a spoonful of laughter…You’ll be up shortly ma love 😉

      Make sure you don’t fall in love with me or YOU’LL be next 😉

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