Me, Myself & I…

Me: Wow, another Father’s Day…This makes sixteen without daddy. Two without the kids dad and now one without Tom. Crazy.
Myself: You know that death is a part of life.
I: Oh Snap, not more tears!
Me: No, no more tears and yes I know death is a part of life dip shit…it’s just that when it’s sudden, it’s harder to take.
Myself: And your mothers death was easier to “take”?
I: *waiting for it*
Me: Yes, yes it was. I knew she only had a few months so we talked, and laughed and cried. We made amends and were good. It was much easier. Jesus, why do you have to question every fucking thing I say?
Myself: Because that’s my job. Besides, you are the deep thinker. If you think about it, you still get choked up on Mother’s Day, or New Year’s Day which was her birthday or when you hear her say “You’re going to burn that turkey if you’re not careful” and you know it!
I: *still waiting for it*
Me: Well played…
Myself: I know dip shit…
I: We can have cake now right?
The Three of US: Happy Father’s Day to All the Daddy’s out there…be good to your babies…Babies out there…Be good to your Daddys. You never know when it’s going to end 😉 We are now going to have cake and celebrate life!

family pics 021



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4 responses to “Me, Myself & I…

  1. Maria Holman

    Crazy but I love it!!

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