Me, Myself & I…

Me: I’m starting to worry that I’m going crazy..
Myself: Just now you’re starting to worry?
I: Oh snap! Why must you bait her? *shaking her head*
Me: No, seriously. Why do I keep doing the same things over and over. I do so much for others and get nothing in return and it’s okay with me.
Myself: Ah…you’re conditioned my dear. Conditioned to give selflessly and never let others help you. I could name a million movie, book and television characters you are likened to. You are the ultimate chameleon. You never have gotten close to anyone, even with the million times you’ve tried.
I: Oh my God…did you just call her a slut?
Me: No stupid…she was not being literal…were you? You know I’ll kick your ass if you were…
Myself: No dip shit, I was not. You know what I mean. You get only so close and then you run. It’s all in your book “A Beautiful Liar.” You are Maggie West, only, you gave her the happy ending you so desperately crave…sort of. You did kind of leave that hanging as well. You did a good job of leaving that open to another chapter in the series if you ever find your happy ending.
I: Who says she wants a happy ending? They say that “misery loves company“…she’s always been miserable…
Me: Hey I…fuck off…I’m not miserable and since when do you have any insight? Go find some cookies! I’m very happy with my life. I love myself and others, I have raised wonderful kids who love themselves and others! I help anyone that needs it and practice random acts of kindness, I don’t judge and I’m an author for God’s sake! I’m an awesome person! The only thing I don’t have or need is “a man” unlike what everyone seems to think! So I have trust issues, everyone does…if they say they don’t, they’re lying. Live a day in my moccasins and you would have trust issues too. At least I’m working on them…
Myself: Umm…we do live in your moccasins dumb ass and I will give you that, you are working on them…
I: *sniffing* Sorry…Hey, I found some cookies…

Wanna know why I have issues? It’s all in here…

FINAL A Beautiful Liar Cover_200x300_dpi72

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