Me, Myself & I…

Me: *Humming*
Myself: She’s humming again!
I: Oh! I know what that means! B.O.B! Ya! B.O.B!
Myself: No stupid…It means she’s thinking about “him” again…I think B.O.B.’s days are numbered…
I: She’s been thinking about “him” a lot lately. *pouting*
Myself: Can you blame her? He calls her every chance he gets, sends her texts from work telling her he’s thinking about her…. He listens to her crazy ranting, and laughs at her stupid sense of humor. He reads her work and thinks she’s talented…
I: Hey, she is really talented!
Myself: Yes, she is. But “He” thinks so…Most men just read it and jack off. They don’t “hear” what she writes. He gets her.
I: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Myself: It’s a good thing unless he turns out to be as crazy as she is…
Me: Both of you just shut up and let me enjoy it for a fucking minute! He’s not crazy…he just, really likes me…Sweet Jesus!




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