My Not So Secret…

My not so secret crush….JOHN QUINLAN is featured here!

On Page 59 Woot Woot

Nice going my sexy friend 😉

Tattooed Sports Model John Quinlan in 2012


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2 responses to “My Not So Secret…

  1. Although heterosexual by nature and nurture, I can see your “woot-woot” here… *smiles* 🌟 …love the tats…

    • I LOVE a man that can say “Why yes, he is a good looking man!” That proves to me that he is comfortable in his sexuality and his own skin enough to let a woman know that he’s human.

      Most men act like they are appalled by a woman asking if he thinks another man is handsome. As if by admitting that another man is handsome, they are going to tap into some deep dark hidden homosexuality which I find hysterical!

      If a man were to say to me “Wow, she’s beautiful” I would not be offended, I would agree if she were. I am just that awesome.

      I’m glad to know that you are just that awesome too Joseph! Good for you! I’m not a huge fan of tattoos or huge muscles but the genuine kindness, honesty and how humble this man is what has me hooked.

      His wife is one LUCKY lady! 😉

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