Me, Myself & I…

Me: Oh my God! The agony!
Myself: I know right…Rheumatoid Arthritis is a killer! The pain is never ending but when the storms keep coming in and going out…it’s almost unbearable! I don’t know how you do it. You keep going and going. Even when you’re begged to stop and rest, you never listen.
I: It’s because “resting” only makes it worse…You know what they say…”A body at rest, stays at rest…A body in motion, stays in motion” *grimaces at the thought of what’s she’s just said*
Me: Don’t gimme that big pharmaceutical catch phrase bullshit! Do you think the suit that came up with that catch phrase knows what it’s like to suffer from this ailment for one fucking second? NO! That phrase just popped out of his high paid mouth and the rest of the suits were like, “good one dude!” It’s all to sell drugs with worse side effects than the affliction itself! Fuck them all!
Myself: You’re right…you should know, you’ve tried just about every medication on the market with little to no relief. You’ve even done most of the herbal and some Eastern remedies as well. Good thing you have the attitude you do about it.
I: Yep…“It could be so much worse.” should be your catch phrase!
Me: Yes it could be a LOT worse…It could be cancer, diabetes, or AIDS. So now shut up and let me take a nap or I swear to GOD Almighty that I’ll load you up so full of those prescriptions, you’ll have no choice but to sleep, for days!
Myself: Well played…
I: I guess it’s nap time…

Leanna Glamour shot


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