Me, Myself & I…

Me: Awe shit. I hope this tightening in my chest is just indigestion!
Myself: Well, you had your heart checked out a few years ago and the cardiologist said he wished half his patients had your heart. Since then, you’ve lost a few more pounds and taken a little better care of yourself.
I: The only thing you haven’t done is quit smoking.
Me: Listen you sniveling little whiner…I smoke because if I didn’t, I’d be huffing paint or sniffing glue to deal with the stress I’m under! I never used to have any problem handling stress and I’ve done it all without using drugs or alcohol…so get off my fucking back about the smoking! I quit, cold turkey for 11 days and then fell down a flight of stairs! I decided that if I was going to be in that kind of pain on top of RA, I’m going to smoke. It’s a choice and I choose to smoke…so fuck off!
Myself: Listen to yourself! All she said was that you hadn’t quit smoking and you went on a rant! You probably just raised your blood pressure to near dangerous territory and that alone is not good. Cardiovascular Disease is the major cause of death in the world. It’s brought on by many things and I’m sure that stress is one of the major contributors. You need to take up yoga, meditation or something for Christ’s sake. I think smoking is the least of your problems, a stroke is going to get you way before a heart attack does!
I: *has wandered off looking for cookies mumbling something about “getting laid”*
Me: Well played.

heart in hands


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