Me, Myself & I…

Me: Aww Crap!
Myself: What now?
I: I know! I know!
Me: They’re home! My “vacation” never lasts long enough…
Myself: Funny how it is that you’re never the one that goes anywhere on your “vacation”…
I: She likes it here…
Me: I don’t need to go anywhere. All those tourists, the noise, the hiked up prices in restaurants and the price of hotel rooms! Besides, God only knows when the last time the bedspreads were washed…No thank you! I’ll stay right here with B.O.B. and their stupid cats.
Myself: Suit yourself.
I: And, we can eat all the crap we want we want in the living room and no one will ever know!
Me: I’d like to know when I became the child and my child became the parent.
Myself: Aww…Good question.You knew it would eventually happen, but I have noticed that it is you, who does the sneaky things a spoiled, childish brat would do. Things you would have torn them a new ass for and then grounded them for, for months…
I: Oh Snap!
Me: Yeah, and they better never find about any of them!



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