A 4.8 Star Review For A Beautiful Liar~Book 1 of the Maggie West Series…Really? 4.8 Star?? lol

Reviewed by Maria Carmela Holman 7-16-13

I started reading ‘A beautiful liar’ late at night, after my kids and husband went to bed, knowing very well that I needed to get up early in the morning. What a mistake that was! I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to keep reading.
I saw so much of me in 46 year old, Maggie West. It was almost as though Leanna Harrow wrote about my life. No! I’m not telling you which parts. (I’m grinning very cheekily here, right now.) There were a lot of internal thoughts and questions in Maggie’s mind which many middle aged women, and perhaps even younger, would relate to. Negative thoughts of self image and confidence. Something we all, at one point or another, battle.
The story is about a woman who seems tough and unbreakable on the outside while all along, on the inside she is very fragile. She yearns to be loved and treasured and because of what she has been through in her life, she is big on honesty. Actually HUGE! Which is why she does what she does in the end. (Which I still can’t believe she did.) 
Although she loves her children and grandchildren immensely, she is looking to fill the void in her life. That’s when she meets a man online and the fun begins.
There were a couple of scenes which surprised me. One was at the airport in Rome, where the initial meeting in person with the man who she spent months having an online affair with, did not turn out the way I expected it to. And I was very surprised at the ending when Maggie found out the truth about Amir. She did the complete opposite of what I would’ve done in her situation. It totally surprised me. I found myself thinking…No! She did not just do that! Even though I understood why she did.
I loved the way Leanna kept her chapters short, some of them were only a couple pages long. And some parts got me so heated that my face felt hot and my reading glasses fogged up. I’ve read a few erotic novels over the years and cringed, but this wasn’t the case with ‘A beautiful liar’. It all flowed smoothly, was easy to read and I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend it to others. If I had to rate it out of 5, I’d give it 4.8. That’s .2 short of a perfect score because I still can’t believe, that Maggie did what she did in the end. (Ha-ha) I can’t wait to read more of Leanna’s work.

FINAL A Beautiful Liar Cover_200x300_dpi72


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