US Involvement in SYRIA!

PEOPLE! Take a few minutes out of your day and write your Congressman~

We are facing chemical warfare and as a mother of a US Marine…

~I’m begging you~

Type in your state abriviation at the end…TELL THEM NO! 

Flood their email, flood their twitter…all the information to reach them is there…

NOW is the time! We must stand together so we don’t fall together~SHARE PLEASE!


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3 responses to “US Involvement in SYRIA!

  1. This is just like Iraq in 2003/2004. Obama is doing exactly what bush did. I don’t believe him.

    (if you don’t either, print/photocopy this pdf and post it up!

    • Our people need to wake up…stop whining on Facebook and WRITE letters!

      • Yes thank you! i’m trying to encourage the blogging world to reach out to actual regular people who don’t follow this stuff, who have a gut feeling that something isn’t right, but haven’t put all the pieces together yet.

        Similar to the way the “Occupy Wall Street” movement successfully challenged the idea, which was popular on the left, that we can expect the US government to be a force for social progress like it once was in the 1970’s in response to the civil rights movement. I think that old belief is now dead and buried, which is actually a useful accomplishment for OWS.

        Similarly, I would like to kill off the idea that Obama is different than Bush, except on the outside, in the color of his skin. In 2008, We wanted a Dream, like Martin Luther King, and Obama sold us one, except it was the McDonald’s version of it, 95% crap wrapped up in a pretty package.

        After that I’d like to weed out the idea that it is possible to make a difference as a voter, by choosing between Republicans and Democrats. Once THAT idea is dead, then we might have a chance at using democracy to influence the actions of the US government. Specifically, we must have something called “Instant Run-Off Voting”, which is used in countries that have functioning democracies. But that’s probably a decade away.

        For now I want to attract attention to Obama’s hypocrisy. Sorry for the long post 🙂

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