Dear Mr. President

Miriam CareyDear Mr. President,

How did you sleep last night in your king sized bed with your Egyptian cotton sheets? Well I hope. I can’t say I slept so well myself. I dreamed I was surrounded by police, guns drawn and shots were being fired into my car. No words were said but as the life ebbed out of my body, I could see cold, dead eyes. They were your eyes sir. You had the same smile on your face that I’ve seen in all of your pictures and on television. Did you have that same smile on your face when the Secret Service called and told you they had murdered Miriam Carey? That is exactly what it was, murder.

I don’t know how many episodes of “Cops” you’ve seen with the endless vacations you take but in every single episode, once they have the vehicle “boxed in” as they did in Ms. Carey’s case, they order the suspect to show their hands, remove the suspect from the vehicle and then arrest them. Maybe then we’d know why she did what she did. Did she have a medical condition? Was she suffering from postpartum depression like her mother said? Did she have some other form of mental illness? We will never know especially in the case of this woman who had a year old baby in the backseat of her car. She was not innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I was under the assumption that all US citizens were innocent until proven in a court of law. I guess that’s no longer the case. It was shoot first and don’t worry about asking questions…the baby won’t say anything. It’s sickening!

I could say I’m saddened but that is not even close. I am outraged. I am outraged at so many things. I am outraged that we will never know the whole story about anything on your watch. Our media is not allowed to tell us the truth. Our elected figures will not tell us the truth because well, they are politicians and they couldn’t tell us the truth if their lives depended on it and the American people have been blinded to it for so long it’s not funny.

I do want to say that I think the time has come. With you folding your arms across your chest, digging your heals in and refusing to cooperate with the others to keep the government open and benefits and other essential programs running, you have shown us that you want to bully everyone into submission. What would you do if our troops laid down their weapons and went home to their families and got civilian jobs? You can’t kill them and you can’t try them for treason because you will have broken their contract.

What would you do if Americans stopped buying anything, anywhere two or three days a week? That would bring you to your knees pretty quickly wouldn’t it? How about if people refused to work? Business refused to open to show you that “We the people” own this country, not you and your cronies? That might make an impact and show  you that you are directly affecting the lives of the very people who make this country run.

I am the daughter of a Korean Prisoner of War. He was in a hole in the ground eating dirty rice when he got to eat for 2 years and six days defending the country he loved. I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave at what’s going on now. I am also the mother of a US Marine who  is disgusted by what you’ve done when it comes to not taking care of your own in so many ways. I am disabled and cannot get the benefits I am entitled to due to you shutting down the Federal Government. I did notice that Camp David is still open and available for your pleasure. Funny how two faced you really can be.

When you were voted into office I was hopefully optimistic to the change that I thought you’d bring with you. Now I am hopefully optimistic to your replacement undoing the damage and havoc you have caused not only with our country but with the world.

I was a writer until Rheumatoid Arthritis took over my life. I know that you monitor everything I do and say. I know that your “Men in Black” can show up at my door at any time and that I could disappear at anytime. My friends, family, followers and fans all know about this letter and have been instructed to give it to all media outlets if I go “missing.”

In closing Sir, I would like to say, you have no idea how the private sector is doing. We are all worried. We are all struggling. We are all wondering when we’ll be going without food, shelter and clothing. You keep that in mind the next time you get on Air Force One and set off for your next of many vacations. I personally raised 4 strong, smart, contributing members of society with little child support and have never had a vacation.

I certainly hope you take some of my words to heart and stop this ridiculous power struggle and let our government, such as it is, govern.

Leah M. Tate aka Leanna Harrow


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2 responses to “Dear Mr. President

  1. I humbly suggest your eloquent letter should be addressed to John Boehner.

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