“There are things we cannot know and things we cannot control.

Control what you can and pray for the strength to handle the things you cannot possibly know”

 ;) and yes, you may quote me

Miley's Ass


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10 responses to “Quote…

  1. Now I can’t un-know that visual comparison…. gah

  2. Bwahaha. I am not attracted to chicken, which explains my feelings for Miley, I guess.

  3. I remember an acquaintance who would use the greeting, “Whats up, chicken butt,” when we would meet. We were about Ms. Miley’s age at the time, She was about the same build as Ms. Miley. I am starting to think I was just missing another one of many such missed invitation when I was a young rooster.

    P.S. I was going to make chicken for dinner tonight but after seeing your post I think I shall go with a nice rump roast instead.

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