For My Dear Friend Vicki Rose Stewart

Anyone who reads my posts knows I am disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I live on a limited income. I have a dear friend, Vicki Rose Stewart who works tirelessly with authors running event parties on Facebook as well as doing editing. She is truly a warrior. She has beaten cancer and is embroiled in a bitter legal battle over her young daughter Sophie as her ex husband’s family has more money than God.

This is where you come in. I am donating a modest part of my back pay as soon as it comes in as Vicki and her kids are going to be homeless as of October 31st as their rental home has been sold out from under them.

I cannot fathom the thought of anyone on the cold, snow covered streets of Minnesota in November, much less someone I care so deeply about. I need YOUR help. I don’t care if it’s $5, $10 or $50, please go to PayPal and send a donation to RIGHT NOW.

It may mean you have to take a sack lunch to work, give up going to the movies this month or skip a mocha half calf meow meow meow (2 Broke Girls fans will get that…) JUST DO IT.

There is no one more deserving and with the Holidays and the reason for the season right around the corner I am begging you to look into your heart, pull out your debit cards and help this beautiful, talented and courageous woman RIGHT NOW!

Please donate under “Friends or Family” so she will avoid fees and then share this post. Vicki does so much for others that it’s our turn to do for her. Thank you and Please don’t forget to SHARE! We love you Vicki!


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